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Re: "Hyperthreading" problems

"make all" and "make install" for smake

"od" wrong line endings and byte count

"script" program

RE: ***[Possible UCE]*** RE: Is Cygwin cron supposed to send e-mail reports?

-lfreetype missing from /usr/lib/pkgconfig/pangoft2.pc

/proc functionality; ls errors

1.0-1: ping problem

1.5.12-1: documentation bug in lib[cm].texinfo

1.5.12: find with -iregex is case-sensitive

RE: 1.5.12: ssh hangs with Windows XP SP2

3 Packages always "Skipped"

5000 € PAR MOIS!..3 h par jour!!..VOUS INTERESSE???

Re: [? Found problem of floppy drive acces]

[ANNOUNCEMENT] cygwin-doc-1.4-1 released

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated [test]: tetex-2.99.7

Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: apr(-util) 0.9.5-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: bc-1.06-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: coreutils-5.2.1-5

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: cron-3.0.1-16

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: cron-3.0.1-17

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: cron-3.0.1-18

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: gdb-20041228-1-1 (also includes GUI "insight" debugger)

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mingw-runtime-3.6-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: sed-4.1.3-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: w32api-3.2-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: zsh-4.2.3-1

[Bug] dup() of serial file descriptor confuses select()

[Fwd: [ Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mingw-runtime-3.6-1]]

[pdksh]getopts problem in conjunction with shift

__mode_t missing from /usr/include/cygwin/types.h



ACL questions

Another spurious "multiple copies of cygwin1.dll" -- this time in perl

Another web page bug report

Re: any fix for the c-c and backspace problem with emacs on cygwin.

any fix for the c-c and backspace problem with emacs on cygwin.

Anyone creating programs using the MySQL C api using Cygwin?

Re: Argument list too long

RE: Argument list too long [FAQ Possibility]

Re: atoi() missing on Win98, perl extension breaks

atoi() missing on Win98, perl extension breaks (was: Re: bug in w32api?)

Re: available for test: findutils-20041219-1

Re: bash not functional on laptop with wireless

RE: bash not functional on laptop with wireless (VPN) connection

RE: bash not functional on laptop with wireless (VPN) Connection

RE: bash not functional on laptop with wireless (VPN) connection

RE: bash not functional on laptop with wireless (VPN) Connection

RE: bash not functional on laptop with wireless (VPN) connection

Behavior change with 20041231 snapshot

Billing confirmation center

Re: bsdgames

bug in chown()

bug in cygwin <sys/termios.h>?

Bug in glib-1.2.10-2: gmodule cannot open dynamic link modul libraries

bug in texi2dvi, and hack patch

Re: bug in w32api?

bug in w32api? (was: Re: Missing ntdll.dll export with perl 5.8.6 om Win9x)

Bug: atof() can't parse "NaN"

Re: Bug: link.exe

Re: Bug: Missing va_end() in cygwin_internal() (OT)

BUG: setup.exe (2.427) does not save proxy port

Building DLL's using g++, not gcc

Building GTK+ 2.6 on Cygwin

Building new GLib and Pango

bulk command line renamer


Re: BusyBox build problem on Cygwin

c++ exceptions in shared library results in crash

Can "DLL's" & libraries be marked as non-executable?

Can g++ DLLs and main program share variables?

can you help me?

Can't telnet after ssh

cannot access $HOME (on Samba) via ssh

Cannot build 21.4.16 under cygwin (gcc 3.3.3)

Cannot interact with X programs

Change login message

check_case:adjust still an option?

Compiling GNU sed

Compiling SRecord fails on Cygwin; succeeds on Linux/FreeBSD.

Couple of scripts to remove duplicate packages

Courier-0.47, linker error: perlfilter.c: undefined reference to `_boot_'

CPAN install of LWP::UserAgent

Cron problem on Windows 2003

cron problems with windows 2003 server

csh Shell

customizing bash

cvs-1.11.18 ?

cygcrypt-0.dll false virus positive?

cygcrypt-0.dll infected

cygpng12.dll not found

Cygrunsrv and other random Cygwin apps, 100% CPU

cygwin and mkpasswd unable to recognize a domain user

Cygwin and the GPL

cygwin ange-ftp...

cygwin bash shell window can't open

cygwin bughunt

Re: cygwin bughunt (FAQ alert?)

Re: cygwin bughunt (fyi)

Re: cygwin bughunt (more FAQ stuff)

Re: cygwin bughunt (out-of-the-box debugging)

Re: cygwin bughunt (using snapshot)

Cygwin installation failure problem

Cygwin installation problem

cygwin installer/setup via commandline/scripts

Cygwin not passing return code to Windows?

cygwin perl - accessing data from a Microsoft SQL Server via ODBC

Cygwin Perl bug -- perldoc Pod::Usage

Cygwin Perl bug -- pod2usage(-verbose => 0) & pod2usage(-verbose => 1)

cygwin ping

cygwin programs called from non-cygwin programs mauling \" in args

Cygwin SSHD server - Restricting User access to their home directory

cygwin subversion package

Cygwin Time Machine

cygwin vs linux: output differences

cygwin vx linux: output differences

cygwin-announce forwarding

cygwin-doc packaging problem?


Donations Page

EFS encrypted files & ssh

emacs -nw

Error messages accompany manpage displays

execv and then socket: "operation not permitted"

exmh on Cygwin?

expand changing DOS line endings to Unix line endings

f77 compiler

file name inconsistencies

Re: FileRunner under cygwin - simple compilation - Success.

FileRunner under cygwin - simple compilation fails.

find -printf %TT doesn't print the time anymore (findutils versions 4.2.10-3 to 20041227-1, cygwin 1.5.12-1)

Finding descriptions of cygwin packages.


fonts and cygwin

fortune maintainer wanted and question for Corinna (was Re: Obscene content in cygwin file.)

Fortune potty-mouth and those who demand it

ftpd daemon doesn't work properly with emacs ange-ftp


FYI: docbook and customization layer

GCC linking problem

GDB (no debugging symbols found)

gdb: "run >z" does not work

gencat not found.

Get better software for your organization.

glade_xml_signal_autoconnect doesn't find functions, symbols not exported?

Re: gnome-vfs problems with XP SP2

Hang in application using cygwin1.dll 1.5.12

Hangs in fopen() in multi-threaded app

has anyone compiled/ported gnomemeeting on cygwin?

Help Needed!!!

Help! Need B.20.1 src

Help, cant run scripts in cygwin!

home directory

How do I downgrade to cygwin-1.5.10-3

How do I get an old version of cygwin?

How do I get older cygwin version 1.5.5?

How does one become a mirror of the cygwin project?

How to (easily) install multiple versions of the same package (from a repository)?

How to Build DLLs on Cygwin

How to deal with DHCP and DNS(-tools)?

How to ensure every file/dir has Administrators permissions? (ntsec, passwd, group)

Hyperthreading Problem - suggestion

Hyperthreading problem: remote access

I want off this mailing list!


Re: Information

Information of the qsort function from stdlib.h

Re: initdb signal 12 error

initdb system 12 error

Installation not generating C:\cygwin\home folder

installation problem

Installer question

Installing cygwin on Win XP Pro for multiple users

Installing sshd w/Cygwin under Win2K/SP4

FW: intr (ctl c) nohup and other stuff

Re: ipc-daemon2.exe fails

is "BKDR_HACDEF.M" found in c:\cygwin\bin\cygcrypt-0.dll for real?

Is Cygwin cron supposed to send e-mail reports?

is cygwin-announce broken?

is there a (cygwin?) method delivering the current version of windows?

RE: Issue in using xinetd service on windows

jpeg 6b-11 wrjpegcom

kpsexpand error starting up cygwin

latest nfs server fix

latest nfs server issues

Latest perl has a zero byte cygwin specific readme file

ld error while making a dll for module

libxml2 and libxslt (was: Python packages that need updating to 2.4)

Link error while compiling fortran

listdlls causes cygwin-bash to consume 100% of CPU time

login not possible on NT but on W2K and XP

looking for shell program to retrieve property info from windows files

Lynx - Unable to Shell

mail list search engine on fritz this am

Re: make -k fails on cygwin

make -k fails on cygwin [Was: Test failures in coreutils-5.3.0 on cygwin]

Make a Shared Library using Makefile

make-3.80: Unpatched patchable bugs in cygwin

malloc fails with cygwin

man prints JNROFF, KNROFF etc errors

Memory for large arrays in cygwin/g77

Memory Problem

Memory Problem and X-windows

mingw and cygwin

Re: missing dll windows XP

Missing ntdll.dll export with perl 5.8.6 om Win9x

mkpasswd -ld: The user name could not be found.

Fwd: Re: more coreutils 5.3.0 issues on cygwin

more coreutils problems

Moving to the Desktop

MPD transport_layer_pipes::connect: Error opening the pipe

mt: DDS-3 density unknown

Multiple installations and 3PP

Multiple installations and 3PPs

Re: Multiple installations and 3PPs (FAQ alert)

Need help


Re: New setup.exe snapshot - please test

Re: New user needs help

New version of fortune - questions

new w/20050114 snapshot: chmod updates ctime

newbie question about using gcc in cygwin

No color when using ls

nohup "broken" after update of cygwin from 1.5.9->1.5.12 -- keychain and ssh-agent broken at least...

Re: nohup "broken" after update of cygwin from 1.5.9->1.5.12 -- keychain and ssh-agent broken at least...

Obscene content in cygwin file.

Obscene Content Tiebreaker

odd behavior of symlinks (aka cygwin-created shortcuts) on Win XP SP2

Re: odd behavior of symlinks on Win XP

odd behavior of symlinks on Win XP SP2

openssh sshd slow logins

ORBit2-devel should depend on minires-devel

ORSA/Cygwin porting

pdksh not setting $? with exit status of commands

Re: perl 5.8.6

Re: Perl 5.8.6

Re: perl 5.8.6

Permission denied on Windows XP

ping command

pipe problem and hanging ssh using Unison?

popen() fails while system() works

port of linux code: linker does not find .a

Ported PING

possible for win32 links to work as cygwin links?

Pre-select packages for downloading by others

precompiled header status

Problem about running Apache on cygwin

Problem in pthread_key_create

RE: problem in pthread_key_create

Problem running cygrunsrv with non SYSTEM accounts

Problem running cygserver

Problem uninstalling/deleting cygwin

Re: Problem uninstalling/deleting cygwin - Solved

Problem with 20050103 snapshot

Problem with 20050106 snapshot

Problem with 20050130 snapshot and ssh-agent

RE: Problem with rubbish in my mailbox

Problems about CGI Programming on Cygwin

problems interrupting cygcheck -c on 20050104 snapshot

problems with cygstart as .mailcap - how to use?

Problems with localization

problems with overloading of the semantics of version number in cygwin/unison

Problems with subversion svn+ssh

problems with tmpnan naming using octave.

pthreads leaks handles and threads when threads use sockets

putting cygwin *installation* on CD

python mysql

Python packages that need updating to 2.4

Question about pthread_key_create

Question on setup.exe

Refused mail (too big)

Registry settings of cygwin

Renaming Cygwin DLLs

Repeated installation of gcc-testsuite and setup .src files

resolution smaller than application

Retrieving name of executable

rsh can't access the net work drive

rxvt doc problem

RE: rxvt doc problem (FAQ bug alert)

script: unknown command

Security setting on logon

Setup Failure

re: SETUP no categories listed

Setup.exe problem: double-click selects wrong version

Re: setup.hint coreutils editing (was: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: coreutils-5.2.1-3)

Share rootfs by nfs-server?

Sharing zsh history in cygwin.

ShellExecute from bash

SIGTRAP in /netrel/src/gdb-20041228-1/gdb/win32-nat.c:2038

Similar problem

slow handling of large sets of files?

snapshot 20050114 race

Source code for "cp" Command

squid DNS problem

SSH client hang running uncompressed tar on various servers

ssh error

ssh problem on Windows XP

ssh-client and cygminires

sshd on windows

SSHD on Windows 2003 - "Win32 error 1053"

sshd on XP Home: "ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host"

sshd under Cygwin

Stackdump trace - problem and patch

a standard place to get cygwin

startxwin.bat failing

stderr ?= stdout

STLport on cygwin exception problem

su alternative for Win2k

suggestion -- mailer replies should go to Cygwin list

RE: tcsh hangs after updating to cygwin 1.5.7-1. Expires with "Out of Memory"

The tcsh manual vs tcsh initialization; fix for slow startup

Technical support

tetex 2.99

tetex maintainer take note (was Re: setup.hint coreutils editing (was: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: coreutils-5.2.1-3))

TEXT mode, BINARY mode default file opening

That alleged hyperthreading-related bug

timer_create / POSIX non conformance ?

Tired of all the "get-rich-quick" junk?


touch failing on network share

Trying to pin cygwin crash bug; need a bit of help

Two instances of same cygwin1.dll

Unable to properly execute a let statement from a shell script

update on hyperthreading system for cgf

Re: Updated: fortune-1.99.1-1

Re: Updated: perl-5.8.6-1

Re: Updated: sed-4.1.3-1

User's guide update

Using rsync to sync to NTFS: permission issues

Very strange rxvt problem - game hangs when it is running

vi "W10: Warning: Changing a readonly file" on large read-write file

vim problem (win xp): Cygwin seems unable to move the input cursor to arbitrary positions.

WFM (Was: Re: Missing ntdll.dll export with perl 5.8.6 om Win9x)

What is rebase and why did I need to run it on a fresh re-install?

Where can I get the source code for setup.exe

FW: whois and man packages

Why does cygwin1.dll use NtCreateFile() instead of CreateFile()

Why is cygwin cvs client so slow?

Windows *.exe and stderr in xemacs shell-mode fail to appear

wordexp cygwin dll 1.5.12-1

XWin warning messages

your email will not be read today

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