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Re: BUG: Cygwin implementation of Debian package tools

Reini Urban wrote:

It happens i.e. often for me when using the generic-build-script, if invoking with install or reconf which does rm -rf .build / .inst and
having an explorer shell open in one of the (sub)directories to be
removed from the script -> it seems to hang and it is always rm.

Using the above 'rm -rf .build / .inst' verbatim is not recommended;) This was not correct, I meant: rm -rf .build/* or rm -rf .inst/*

$ time rm -r findutils-4.1.7-4
rm: Entfernen von Verzeichnis "findutils-4.1.7-4/find" nicht m"oglich: Device or resource busy

real    0m0.099s
user    0m0.030s
sys     0m0.031s

# high cpu for a short amount of time is not really annoying.

I'm getting these kind of 'build script hangs on trying to do rm -rf' quite often, so it seems to be not that simple. Another issue with this is that you also cannot remove empty directories with explorer in these cases, IIRC it is usually my editor (Windows Textpad) which I used to open a file in some subdirectory and has the working path set to this directory, it also happens often that even after closing the editor doesn't free this handle so it is still not possible to remove the directory with rm or explorer, probably a bug in my favorite editor.


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