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Re: SDL on Cygwin

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Reini Urban wrote:
| I'll try to make a package out of it.
|   I didn't get it to work with the MS DX90SDK, because this conflicts
|   with our w32api - with mingw it works fine.
| But with the directx-devel package it works fine.
| Just autoreconf and removing the mingw lines from
| cd ${srcdir}
|     ./
|     automake -c -a
|     libtoolize -c -f
| LDFLAGS="-Wl,--enable-runtime-pseudo-reloc"
| I'll try to put my main.c and SDL_Image fixes into a package and ITP it
| then. Fixed to build in .build
| Problems with this version:
| libtool still wants to create an exe instead of the cygSDL.dll but I had
| that before. (need to build png and jpeg stubs probably)
| With my bash debugger I can easily fix that now.
| But everything else builds just fine.

I guess I never updated this thread; I did get it working properly, and
have build a number of other SDL_* libs, pygame, and a couple sample
programs against it.  They're available with setup.exe at:

Or can be downloaded manually from the project page.

This port uses the Win32 API but is Cygwin dependent.  If there's
interest, I suppose it should be added to the distro.

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