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Re: SDL on Cygwin

Yaakov Selkowitz schrieb:
Reini Urban wrote:
| I'll try to make a package out of it.
|   I didn't get it to work with the MS DX90SDK, because this conflicts
|   with our w32api - with mingw it works fine.
| But with the directx-devel package it works fine.
| Just autoreconf and removing the mingw lines from
| cd ${srcdir}
|     ./
|     automake -c -a
|     libtoolize -c -f
| LDFLAGS="-Wl,--enable-runtime-pseudo-reloc"
| I'll try to put my main.c and SDL_Image fixes into a package and ITP it
| then. Fixed to build in .build
| Problems with this version:
| libtool still wants to create an exe instead of the cygSDL.dll but I had
| that before. (need to build png and jpeg stubs probably)
| With my bash debugger I can easily fix that now.
| But everything else builds just fine.

I guess I never updated this thread; I did get it working properly, and
have build a number of other SDL_* libs, pygame, and a couple sample
programs against it.  They're available with setup.exe at:

hmm, google was not deep enough. maybe it will need better google links and a better index page.

if only will upgrade their webservers so that
I will not get lost connections all the time...
or just ban those users which destroy the net there.

Or can be downloaded manually from the project page.

This port uses the Win32 API but is Cygwin dependent.  If there's
interest, I suppose it should be added to the distro.

I'd need it. But if you keep to maintain it there, it's okay for me.

Reini Urban

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