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Re: unable to edit/less dotted files, etc.

At 07:58 PM 10/19/2004, you wrote:
>Thanks for the reply, Dave,
>Turns out 1.3 is just the version of the doc file, I'm up to date. Sorry
>to give bum info. c:\cygwin\bin\cygwin1.dll is dated 9/4/2004.
>I've just run a default install again, just in case.
>I haven't done anything with perms. I installed cygwin as administrator,
>not "just for me".
>The behavior is the same, whether I log in using the Win2k admin account
>or as my regular user account.
>I've just repeated the process: I can't edit a dotted file, even though
>I can "ls" it, and I can't edit files that don't conform to 8.3. If I
>rename files to 8.3, I can edit them. SO I don't think it has anything
>to do with permissions.

Let's start over.  Read this:

>Problem reports:

We need the information it requests and we need a case to reproduce 
your behavior.  Make sure all the tools you're using in this test 
case are indeed Cygwin versions.

There's no reason that Cygwin apps would require 8.3 names.  I think 
you're changing these files with some windows program which is mucking
with the permissions on these files.  But that's just a WAG.  

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