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Re: unable to edit/less dotted files, etc.

Thanks for the reply, Dave,

Turns out 1.3 is just the version of the doc file, I'm up to date. Sorry
to give bum info. c:\cygwin\bin\cygwin1.dll is dated 9/4/2004.

I've just run a default install again, just in case.

I haven't done anything with perms. I installed cygwin as administrator,
not "just for me".

The behavior is the same, whether I log in using the Win2k admin account
or as my regular user account.

I've just repeated the process: I can't edit a dotted file, even though
I can "ls" it, and I can't edit files that don't conform to 8.3. If I
rename files to 8.3, I can edit them. SO I don't think it has anything
to do with permissions.

Thanks for your continued help.


Dave Korn wrote:
-----Original Message-----
From: cygwin-owner On Behalf Of Julian Opificius
Sent: 19 October 2004 17:49

I'm running v1.3 of Cygwin on Win2k on a laptop.

That is _years_ out of date.

after the initial install, only later. I can list them with ls -al, but "vi .bashrc" opens up a new file, and less returns "No such file or directory". The files are accessible under Win2k, and do not appear corrupted.

  You've probably done something bad with the perms.  Or you installed
cygwin "Just for me", and now you've logged on as a different user.......?
The "file not found" error message can often be a result of an application
not realising that the file is there but the user doesn't have access

Also, I now notice that other files - filenames that don't conform to DOS 8.3 format - also are listable but not editable. I have a source file "main.cas", which I can edit. I cp'd it to "main_inst.cas", which is listable with ls. But when I try to vi it, I get a new file. mv'ing it to maininst.cas renders it editable.

  Strange.  Still, there's not a lot of point reporting bugs in such an old
version of cygwin.  I can't reproduce anything like that with the current

cheers, DaveK

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