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Re: Spurious "You have multiple copies of cygwin1.dll on your syste m."

Dave Korn wrote:
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From: cygwin-owner On Behalf Of luke.kendall
Sent: 08 October 2004 06:48

I freely confess I'm doing something unusual. Maybe I'm the first
person on the planet to attempt to automate Cygwin

installation via a

shell script from an already existing and stable copy of Cygwin
installed elsewhere on the network?


It's possible. Is there a reason you aren't using setup.exe? It's
automatable and easily customisable and it has the benefit

in this situation

of being a plain non-cygwin win32 exe.

I should clarify that I *am* using Cygwin's setup.exe - the scripts just do all the other automation around that:


And possibly other things I've forgotten.

  Ah, ok... well how about this:  instead of a monolithic shell script, you
divide it up into two: one that runs before setup.exe, using the network
dir's installation, and one that runs after, using the newly-installed local

  Write a .bat file that first calls the network bash to run the pre-setup
script, then calls setup.exe, then the local bash for the post-install.

  As long as the pre-install script exits everything properly, the cygwin
dll should be unloaded when bash exits back to the .bat file, then setup can
/install the local cygwin, and finally you'll start up the local bash with
the local cygwin dll and do everything after setup.exe on the local system.

Agreed, that's my plan.


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