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Re: problem with find/grep

Another issue I've run into with find, but typically when I pipe
it to xargs is that directories/files with spaces in the names cause
all kind of disruption.

On Tue, 12 Oct 2004 12:25:15 -0400 (EDT), Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

>On Tue, 12 Oct 2004, Daniel Miller wrote:

>> On linux systems, I typically to global searches with a command such as:
>>     	find . -name "*.[ch]*" -exec grep -H -n stuff {} \;
>> and this works nicely.  However, when I try the same command under Cygwin
>> (from a 4NT prompt, not Bash), I get "find: missing argument to '-exec' ".
>> I tried a variety of modifications to the command but nothing makes this
>> work.  What am I missing??

>I'd bet it's the fact that 4NT uses different quoting mechanisms than
>bash.  Try quoting the semicolon as ";" instead of \;.  You may also need
>to quote the braces.  CGF uses 4NT, AFAIK, so he could probably provide
>better hints.  I won't ask the implied "Why not use bash?" question...
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