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Re: (De)activating network connection

Thiers Botelho wrote:

> I wish to use some command within a script to activate / deactivate an
> Ethernet connection.
> In WinXP this would normally be done thru Settings / Network Connections /
> Local Connection / right-click .
> I found _rasdial.exe_ but it seems to deal only with dial-up connections.
> There's got to be some simple cmdline on/off switch somewhere (hope that
> won't be regedit . . .)

Starting with XP Microsoft realized that it sure would be nice to be
able to set networking parameters (interfaces, addresses, routing, etc)
from the command line or scripts.  [Gee, what an idea, huh?  Took them
long enough to think of that.]

Try the following or something like it:
netsh int set interface "Local Area Connection" admin=ENABLED

Replace ENABLED with DISABLED as appropriate.  I'm not entirely sure of
the syntax but you can just run netsh and play around with ? and help to
get it down.


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