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Re: whole cygwin release/ distribution issues

Christopher Faylor schrieb:
On Mon, Oct 04, 2004 at 09:11:15PM +0200, Reini Urban wrote:
Christopher Faylor schrieb:
Would you like to volunteer to maintain a "known issues" type of list
which could be sent here periodically?

Taking over from Igor?

Did Igor volunteer somewhere? I did an archive search and only saw Rober Collins mentioning that someone needed to take over. When I look for "squid" in the cygwin-apps archive, I don't see Igor's name at all. A google search for "squid cygwin-apps" didn't yield anything either.

Sorry, not enough time right now, maybe later.  When time permits I can
send reminders.  I already sent a private reminder to busy Jaari for
his pending ITP's.

But cannot that be maintained together?  Or how about Igor's automatic
verification suggestion?  Daniel Reed did IMHO the best job on this.

Daniel maintained ITPs and the status of package submissions. I don't see this as being the same thing at all.

Ah, I see. You meant something different. Just a bugzilla or mantis "Know issues" site. A bugtracker. Couldn't ITP's be tracked also then?

Hmm, I'll think of it. I'd need shell access to sourceware then.

We could use bugzilla, I suppose, and let everyone maintain things, but
the prospect of that has always scared me after our experience with the
cygwin todo list.  I can see carefully setting up categories for bug
reporting and then seeing "setup not work" in the cygwin DLL category.

Very good idea. But I didn't setup bugzilla lately. Heard it got better.

FYI: For my company I've used bugzilla for some months but then I had to switch to mantis because my developers and first-level support (I've been head of IT dep) had been too stupid (or lazy) to use it.
After the switch to mantis it worked fine for most, even the marketing guys used it to change wordings on the website.
I believe it was the colors and the simplier layout.
Reini Urban

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