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whole Cygwin release/ distribution issues

Dave Korn schrieb:
-----Original Message-----
From: cygwin-owner On Behalf Of David Christensen
Sent: 03 October 2004 03:15
Would you be interested in mentoring a willing volunteer?
  Certainly.  Just stand still right here for just one minute........
[sound of massive slap round face with a very wet kipper]
<brushes dust off hands>  That'll learn 'im!

Wouldn't it be easy for the beginning to gather a list of GTG (good-to-go) stable packages, without any known conflicts.

Or much better to gather a list of known conflicts, which have to be resolved/left out/added from/to this distro. The rest can be in then.
Don't know how to deal with mixed stable/test builds.
E.g. I assume all of gerrits new packages are with latest gcc / libtool-devel, which is still in test.

Maybe just start with issues for the binary packages:

Issues known to me so far:
ITP moratorium / SC (Steering Committee) idea?
  missing (required)
  missing (required)
  missing (required)
  missing (required)
  at least "libmysql" and "mysql-client",
  "mysql-server" probably not needed.
gcc-core > 3.3.3
  needs libtool-devel-1.5.10 (still in test) for
    libtoolized packages: .rdata bug
  pgperl fails
  needs replacement (mingw build)
  pipe bug
  cygserver on Win95 (already fixed?)
  some packages missing.
  pending minor issues with wrong deps for libtool src builders.

* cygcheck -f /usr/dict/words => none
* dllwrap docs: no man or info page,
    not even in the Cygwin/binutils*.README
* more init.d scripts for the services, maybe with
  additional service installers/uninstallers

Expected problems:
* freshly added gif support in libgd
* libungif pending and problematic X dependencies for libtool.
* sysbash package pending (to test service problems)
* ExplorerHere package pending (often requested feature)
* perl layout (better upgrade convenience)
* layout stuff:
  where to put optional or contrib binaries, not to pollute the path
  /usr/lib/<package>/bin/ probably
* xemacs 21.5 ?? (japanese need mule support)

* wait for gnome2, apache, php and mysql or do without?
    php will need a lot of convenience extensions and dependent libs
* consider list of pending ITP's and not-GTG packages:
    graphviz, ploticus, libming, t1lib, Swarm,
    re2c, MTools, cdrtools, EMacro, leafnode, ac-archive,
    rxp, git, unrtf, lcab, ...
    all other of the ~100 Jaari ITP's probably not.
    (esp. when he is very busy now, and it was one year ago)

Reini Urban

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