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Re: nfs-server 2.2.47-2

Robb, Sam wrote:

it needs to be made dependable on sunrpc package, which provides portmap.

   That said: the entry for nfs-server in setup.ini already
indicates an install-time dependency on sunrpc.  If this is
being missed somehow, it may indicate a problem with setup.exe
(or the format of the nfs-server setup.hint file).

I ran setup.exe, selected nfs-server and a few other unrelated packages (links, squid), but it didn't select and install sunrpc. So yes, it may be a problem with setup.exe.

I've just seen the same here. sunrpc isn't installed. I have the latest setup.exe 2.416.

Now I've tried to run the thing on W98 without any success.  I just
want it to play with it, so I am not concerned with any security or stuff.
Just a mount from a VMS box should work.  But doesn't.  I start all
manually.  First portmapper, then mountd, then nfsd.  A netstat -a doesn't
show any listeners on nfsd, only portmap.  telnet localhost nfsd gives
connection refused.  What am I doing wrong?  Just W98?  Or would fixing
something in /etc/services help?  nfs-server-config didn't work at all
since cygrunsrv says it cannot run in DOS mode.  I am doing this from
a rxvt window with tcsh.


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