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Re: Squid Patch for Cygwin 1.5

On Wed, 2003-11-05 at 08:06, Christian Weinberger wrote:
> After some investigation I found an interim solution to get the current 
> cygwin squid version (2.4-STABLE7) working with the new 1.5 DLL series. 
> This has been tested and works for me with 1.5.5, but should work with 
> all 1.5 versions.
> A posting from Tom Oehser gave the necessary input:
> The problem is that squid assumes a maximum number of file handles 
> avalable (RLIMIT_NOFILE) of 8192. The autoconf test does not work on 
> cygwin, so it always returns the maximum value. This has always been 
> that way on the cygwin platform.
> But with version 1.5, there are fewer ressources available (less than 
> 8192) and this causes squid to fail.

Which is strange, as NOFILE is still defined at 8192. I definately need
to have a poke around in here. If possible I'll try and get cygwin's
poll size lifted again: it'd be a shame to be limiting the number of
fd's squid can use unnecessarily.

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