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Squid Patch for Cygwin 1.5

After some investigation I found an interim solution to get the current 
cygwin squid version (2.4-STABLE7) working with the new 1.5 DLL series. 
This has been tested and works for me with 1.5.5, but should work with 
all 1.5 versions.

A posting from Tom Oehser gave the necessary input:
The problem is that squid assumes a maximum number of file handles 
avalable (RLIMIT_NOFILE) of 8192. The autoconf test does not work on 
cygwin, so it always returns the maximum value. This has always been 
that way on the cygwin platform.
But with version 1.5, there are fewer ressources available (less than 
8192) and this causes squid to fail.

So if you build squid on your own, just change the include file with the 
autoconf constants to use a smaller number (about 3000 works fine), 
after you did the ./configure and before you do make.

If you only want to use the binary distribution, follow these steps. 
This only applies to squid 2.4.STABLE7-1. The file squid.exe is dated to 
16.7.2002 and has 482.816 bytes.
Now use the hex editor of you choice and open squid.exe (or, 
preferrably, a copy of it).
At offset 0074420h you find the DWORD 00 20 00 00 (representing 8192 
decimal). It is the second occurance of the DWORD if you search in 
REVERSE order from the end of the file.

Now change this to DWORD 00 0C 00 00.
Save the file and it should work.

Don´t forget, this is just an interim solution. So let´s wait for the 
next "real" release of the squid package.

With great respect and many thanks to the cygwin project,


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