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Copying an executable from network drive without .exe extension fails.

Friends,  <-- Now there's the start of a spam mail if ever I saw one ;)

I've searched archives and found a couple of potentially related messages,
but none I've found seem to quite match the behaviour I'm seeing.  This
appears to be new behaviour in ?1.5.x? that worked as I expected it to when
still on a 1.3.x version (sorry, can't remember which it was, and don't have
that machine in work today to check).

I have a script which is going through a list of file names and testing they
exist before copying them.  If the file doesn't exist, the script appends
..exe onto the end of the name and tests again (not sure if this is needed
for cygwin, but certainly is for MKS Toolkit).

echo "program" >> ../bins.lst


cat ../bins.lst | while read file
        if [ -f $P_WINDOWS/$file ]
                cp $P_WINDOWS/$file WIN/
                if  [ -f $P_WINDOWS/$file.exe ]
                        cp $P_WINDOWS/$file.exe WIN/
                        echo "H:$P_WINDOWS/$file doesn't exist" >> WIN.res

I am actually running the script while I've cd'd onto a network share, so
both source and destination drives are on the network, but two separate
machines.  At the time the above script is executed, the destination
directory does exist and is empty.  The source directory does exist and does
contain an .exe version of the 'program'.  The error produced is as

cp: `//dev2k/d/dev/product/bin/program' and `WIN/program' are the same file

To get around the problem, I've checked for the .exe version first and then
the non .exe version, but I thought it should be reported.

The potentially related messages I found are...
Re: cp -p fails with .exe files
ACL or file locking issue?
cp error -- oh the great sanity of *nix tools?! ...
RE: 1.3.5 cp/permissions bug


Steve Fairbairn.

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