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Re: Question about large file support

On Sun, Aug 17, 2003 at 02:59:13PM -0700, ColinB wrote:
> Thanks Corinna, fseeko is new to me!
> So for 64 bit file offsets I can use either:
>    open/lseek/close
> or
>    fopen/fseeko/ftello/fclose
> But in both cases do I have to specify #define _FILE_OFFSET_BITS 64 to
> make off_t 64 bit, or will off_t be 64 bits by default in cygwin 1.5.0
> ?

It's transparent.  If you build an application using the 1.5.x headers
and libs, the affected types like off_t or fpos_t are 64 bit types
automagically.  The same goes for uid_t/gid_t becoming 32 bit instead of
16 bit.  To quote a mail I've sent to the cygwin-apps ML a month ago:

  [...] please note that the new datatypes are used automatically.
  There isn't any choice between e.g. a off_t with 32 bit and a off64_t
  with 64 bit and no corresponding functions as stat and stat64.
  Building under 1.5.0 means, off_t is 64 bit now.  stat is expecting
  a struct stat with 64 bit off_t.  Full stop.  No compile time
  options.  All or nothing.  Well, you got the idea, I guess...


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