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RE: Mail Server?


> OK, just reverse the example I gave.  'smtphost' specifies where you
> want the mail delivered, 'smtpname' specifies the name@domain to deliver
> to, and the 'poll' line speficies how to get the mail in the first
> place.  If you want this to happen automatically you could either run it
> periodically with cron, or use its 'daemon' mode and install it as a
> service with cygrunsrv.  You'd have to also specify the polling interval
> in the config file if you do that.

 fetchmail  is  a mail-retrieval and forwarding utility; it fetches mail
       from  remote  mailservers  and  forwards  it  to  your  local
       machine's  delivery  system.

I don't have have a pop to get mail from. My DNS is going to send mail for to my machine/IP.

I think I need to use exim ... but the man page for exim is friggen post war
novel. The /etc/eximconfig file is fairly well filled with useful
information. I was just curious if there is anyone here using exim on cygwin
to do a relay and if there are any caviats. I didn't find much on the list.

I check exim list for config help.

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