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HLDS and Cygwin

There seems to be a problem running HLDS (half-life dedicated server) for 
windows and Cygwin and possible other similar apps.

The setup:

1) Full install of HLDS, lets call it hlds1
2) Second complete install of HLDS in separate directory, call hlds2

I have no problem executing the hlds1 or hlds2 by themselves.  But when I 
try to run both at the same time the 2nd one does not run at all.

If I kill hlds1 and run hlds2 it starts right up.

If I run either hlds1 or hlds2 and try to even execute the other one from 
file explorer I get an error "Unable to load engine, image is corrupt."

Although if I run hlds1 and hlds2 from file explorer they both run fine.

I have seen on the net claims that cygwin has:

"NOTE: There are issues with the cygwin.dll and separating simultaneous 
user space. Use with caution!" 

They suggest using SSH.COM's SSH solution for this issue.

Has anyone else run into this? 

I tried to even run firedaemon from cygwin but cannot do it without admin 
so thats out.  I also tried to run psexec but it does not work under 
cygwin either apprently.  This approach was to try and get cygwin to start 
hlds as services by a non Admin user to get around the problem.

The main thing I am trying to do is have a normal (non Admin) user run 
hlds.exe and have multiple copies of it run on the same machine.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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