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Re: #define question

Perfect answer, thank you! I moved the COBJMACROS definition to the top of the file and was able to remove the #include <objidl.h> entirely, so clearly it's being included by some other file.


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Subject: Re: #define question
Date: Fri, 01 Aug 2003 12:58:44 -0700
From: Shankar Unni <>
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Rob Clack wrote:

[...] either objidl.h isn't getting included at all, though I get no error there, or the macro isn't getting #defined, or it's getting undefined somewhere.

Are you sure objidl.h isn't included somewhere else above that by some other file, indirectly?

Best to put your COBJMACROS #define at the top of your .c file (or pass
it in via the "gcc" command line).

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