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#define question

Having just updated to cygwin 1.3.22-1 I'm now building my application and have a wierdness I hope someone can help with.

Deep in the nether regions of the code, I use IMalloc_Free which is a macro now defined in objidl.h. I think in earlier versions of cygwin it was somewhere else. In objidl.h, it's protected by an ifdef, so it looks like this:

some stuff
#define IMalloc_Free(This, pv)     (This)->lpVtbl->Free(This,pv)

In my code, I have this:

#include <objidl.h>

Compiling, I get no errors until the link phase, at which point it complains that IMalloc_Free is undefined and points me at the lines in my code where I actually use the macro. ie, either objidl.h isn't getting included at all, though I get no error there, or the macro isn't getting #defined, or it's getting undefined somewhere. I've looked really hard for daft spelling errors and all that, without success.

Compiling with -E seems to show that it's just not getting done, though I fess I find the preprocessor output confusing, so I may be wrong on that one. However, it _looks_ as though it's just not getting done by objidl.h, but that doesn't make sense either.

My temporary fix is to manually #define the macro immediately before I use it, but that's not really satisfactory, of course.

Anyone got any idea what's going on here?

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