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Re: Bug report


On Mon, 2003-05-05 at 18:38, Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> On 5 May 2003, Kern Sibbald wrote:
> > I guess you guys (and gal) really don't want bug
> > reports because it is not at all obvious where
> > to send them.
> This is the right place.


> > Anyway here is one:
> >
> > Running WinXP Home version.
> >
> > Using Cygwin 1.3.20
> >
> > When running my program with LocalSystem userid
> > as a service, doing a pthread_kill(thread_id, SIGUSR2)
> > causes some sort of memory fault referencing memory at 0x3a
> > (or something like that because the program disappears
> > poof).
> >
> > Running as a normal user works fine.
> What's the exact error message (I assume you get a popup box)?

No, I get absolutely nothing. Poof and it is gone, well, the
service manager knows it went away but not why.

A friend ran the program on Win2K and he got:

      Instruction at 0x0041276a referenced memory at 0x3c

That appears to be somewhere in the cygwin1.dll.

> Is there a stacktrace file generated?

If it is, I don't know where the system put it.

>   Did you try setting
> "error_start:c:/cygwin/bin/dumper.exe" in your CYGWIN environment
> variable?  

No, if you can tell me how to set the environment variable for
a service, I'll try it, but since it is a service, I am unlikely
to get any output.

> Did you try running the program from the command line in a
> LocalSystem-owned shell?  

I ran it in an rxvt shell under my id and it does not crash.
Tell me how to get a LocalSystem owned shell and I will try
it.  This is XP Home, so I don't have access to a lot of the
XP security dialogs.

> Can you provide a simple testcase that
> reproduces your problem?

Probably not as my program is some 65K+ lines of code.

I've solved the problem for myself by doing the "signal"
a different way, so it is not critical for me but it cost
about 8 hours of debugging -- primarily due to the fact that
it seems to be dependent on whether or not it is a service.

Best regards,


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