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Re: Problem with cygwin and NT emacs (Stuck Meta Key)

Thanks Robert - your posting gave me the correct
hint. What had happened was that I was using two
emacs windows and tried to switch between them
with Alt-tab. Ctrl-Alt restored my keyboard.

From: "Robert Mecklenburg" <>
Subject: Re: Problem with cygwin and NT emacs
Date: 2.5.2003 - 20:54:29

> m> certain applications (cygwin and emacs)
> seem to land in a state in
> m> which it appears that an escape(Meta) key
> press is prefixed to each
> m> key press.
> I have had a similar problem with both cygwin
> XFree and also native X
> servers.  Sometimes, when using both left and
> right meta, the server
> will see two down key event but only one up
> key event.  I've "fixed"
> the server by press and hold left meta while
> pressing right meta, then
> release both keys simultaineously.  Thus, the
> meta key toggle is again
> set correctly.
> Of course, you may have a completely
> different problem...
> -- 
> Robert

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