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Re: gcc 3.2-3 installation

> > > Is there a stable (not prerelease) version in CygWin?
> >
> > Alex,
> >
> > Don't let the version string fool you -- this gcc version has been used
> > thousands of people since last November.  I'd say it's pretty stable.
> > Igor
> > --
> [snip]
> OK.
> It is good news.
> Nevertheless, why is gcc-3.2 a prerelease version?
'prerelease' may infact be a misnomer in this situation.  I believe that it
is infact a 'post release' version.  It is pre-release in the sense that it
was produced before the next release.  But that release was 3.2.1.  Due to
the fact that cygwin is a somewhat unusal situation with respect to gcc, it
has its own branch in the gcc cvs.  Therefore it is not subject to the same
release system that the main gcc compiler is.  However if I remember
correctly, this release was made 'just after' the mainline released 3.2 - it
is essentially 'the released 3.2' with 'cygwin modifications'.  The version
is just a label.  It provides identification information.
> When will 'a not-prerelease version of gcc-3.2' be in CygWin?
your reading more into the word prerelease then you should, it seems.
prerelease in the gcc version label sense does not mean unstable, and
lacking in testing.  prerelease just means 'not official gcc release'.
Chris (reluctant gcc maintainer) could of changed that to 'cygwin release'
if he felt so inclined, but he did not.

If you want a version of gcc 3.2 which does Not have (prerelease) in it, you
can download the official gcc release (if you can still find 3.2) and
compile it yourself (noting that it will not have explicit cygwin gcc
aditions such as -mno-cygwin).  Or you could binary edit the appropriate
files and change your currently installed version.  Neither would actually
benifit you in the slightest, I do suspect.


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