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Re: gcc 3.2-3 installation (gold star alert)

On Sun, Apr 27, 2003 at 01:12:08AM +1000, Gareth Pearce wrote:
>> > > Is there a stable (not prerelease) version in CygWin?
>> >
>> > Alex,
>> >
>> > Don't let the version string fool you -- this gcc version has been used
>> > thousands of people since last November.  I'd say it's pretty stable.
>> > Igor
>> > --
>> [snip]
>> OK.
>> It is good news.
>> Nevertheless, why is gcc-3.2 a prerelease version?
>'prerelease' may infact be a misnomer in this situation.  I believe
>that it is infact a 'post release' version.  It is pre-release in the
>sense that it was produced before the next release.  But that release
>was 3.2.1.  Due to the fact that cygwin is a somewhat unusal situation
>with respect to gcc, it has its own branch in the gcc cvs.  Therefore
>it is not subject to the same release system that the main gcc compiler
>is.  However if I remember correctly, this release was made 'just
>after' the mainline released 3.2 - it is essentially 'the released 3.2'
>with 'cygwin modifications'.  The version is just a label.  It provides
>identification information.
>>When will 'a not-prerelease version of gcc-3.2' be in CygWin?
>your reading more into the word prerelease then you should, it seems.
>prerelease in the gcc version label sense does not mean unstable, and
>lacking in testing.  prerelease just means 'not official gcc release'.
>Chris (reluctant gcc maintainer) could of changed that to 'cygwin
>release' if he felt so inclined, but he did not.
>If you want a version of gcc 3.2 which does Not have (prerelease) in
>it, you can download the official gcc release (if you can still find
>3.2) and compile it yourself (noting that it will not have explicit
>cygwin gcc aditions such as -mno-cygwin).  Or you could binary edit the
>appropriate files and change your currently installed version.  Neither
>would actually benifit you in the slightest, I do suspect.

Can we get a gold star for Gareth, here?  He answered this question

It's really astonishingly nice to see people reasoning things through
like this.


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