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Re: cygstart, mutt or mailcap?

|> Wild guess:
|>   1. Mutt saves the file to /tmp/something.doc
|>   2. Mutt runs "cygstart /tmp/something.doc"
|>   3. Cygstart starts Word (if necessary) and tells it to load the doc,
|>      and exits immediately.
|>   4. Since Cygstart has exited, Mutt deletes /tmp/something.doc
|>   5. Word is still loading the file and gets in trouble

Wild guess 2 (sorry if I have missed this thought before)

/tmp/something.doc gets sent to cygstart... points to
c:\cygwin\tmp\something.doc, who opens word with "/tmp/something.doc",
who looks for c:\tmp\something.doc?

Saw a suggestion doing 

Application/MSWORD;      cp %s /tmp/blah.doc && cygstart /tmp/blah.doc; copiousoutput;

if they go this way, it (blah.doc) will probably not be deleted by
Mutt, who only knows of %s?

What happens if you do 
Application/MSWORD;      cp %s c:/cygwin/tmp/blah.doc && cygstart c:/cygwin/tmp/blah.doc; 

(removed the copiousoutput word, what does that mean?)

 The eye of the beholder rests on the beauty!

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