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Re: cygstart, mutt or mailcap?

On 23-Feb-2003 19:07, Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

I tried everything now it may have something to do with starting it directly from a view command within mutt. If I save it and then start it either through windows or cygstart command it does not have any corruption.

Wild guess: 1. Mutt saves the file to /tmp/something.doc 2. Mutt runs "cygstart /tmp/something.doc" 3. Cygstart starts Word (if necessary) and tells it to load the doc, and exits immediately. 4. Since Cygstart has exited, Mutt deletes /tmp/something.doc 5. Word is still loading the file and gets in trouble

Just had a wild idea: try setting your .doc rule in your .mailcap as follows:

Application/MSWORD; cp %s /tmp/blah.doc && cygstart /tmp/blah.doc; copiousoutput;

It should set the permissions and ownership of /tmp/blah.doc to your
current user...  Don't know if it'll help...

If my theory, correction, wild guess is correct, then this might indeed help.

– Michael

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