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Re: Hard links broken?


Whoa! You're jumping to conclusions. False conclusions.

Cygwin has always fallen back on a copy when a hard link was impossible.

All is as it was.

Randall Schulz

At 20:13 2002-12-29, Nicolas Williams wrote:
On Sun, Dec 29, 2002 at 10:32:40AM -0800, Randall R Schulz wrote:
> Nicolas,
> You've got something else going on. I, too, am running Cygwin 1.3.17
> ('cause of my other problems with 1.3.18) and hard links work fine for me.

I see that 1.3.18 just came out.

> I assume you are using an NTFS file system, right? FAT file systems don't
> support hard links.

Yes, NTFS, on XP.  Er, no!  That's the problem!  I'd never bothered
checking (it's a single user laptop, used mostly for mutt/vim [and
Cygwin])), but the c: drive is FAT32 while the d: drive is NTFS (the
install disks give no partitioning or filesystem options either - it's
40%/60% FAT32/NTFS fot c:/d: - geez).

So, Cygwin must have been emulating hardlinks on FAT32 and that support
must now be gone.  Geez.

Thanks, that about clears it up.

> I have noticed that Cygwin's link code falls back to copying for more
> reasons than just lack of support for hard links in the underlying file
> system. If I knew more about what variety of failures in attempting to
> create a hard link will cause Cygwin to fall back to copying the file, I'd
> tell you, but I just remember seeing other things do it.

Hmmm, I guess I could dig into the code... if I hadn't just figured it
out (see below).

> What are the ownership and permissions of the directory in which the files
> involved reside? How do they relate to the user (id) making the attempt?

CACLS complained that it works only on NTFS - that was the giveaway,
thanks.  Hard links work just fine on the NTFS partition.  Time to
convert c: to NTFS.

> Randall Schulz
> P.S. Nicolas, please subscribe to the list, at least for as long it takes
> to get this issue resolved.

No need anymore, thanks.



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