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Hard links broken?

So, I upgraded to Cygwin 1.3.17-1 this weekend and mutt started behaving
oddly (I upgraded mutt as well).  My laptop runs Windows XP (SP1).

The behaviour is this: it fails to lock the mail spools and thinks some
other process has the spools locked and prompts me as to whether to
remove the lock files after timing out.

Besides being very obnoxious this behaviour is very obnoxious.

So I straced mutt and the problem appears to be that the call to link()
a file to the lock file name fails, but it does actually copy the file.

So, I did this:

% touch foobar
% ln foobar foobar.lock
% ls -li foobar foobar.lock
3893364076 -rw-r--r--    1 myuser   None            0 Dec 27 22:09 foobar
3895124156 -rw-r--r--    1 myuser   None            0 Dec 27 22:09 foobar.lock

So hard links don't work now.

Here's a snippet from the strace output:

(first the spoolfile.<user>.<pid> is created)
  118 2609558 [main] mutt 4024 normalize_posix_path: src myuser.lock
  111 2609669 [main] mutt 4024 cwdstuff::get: (/var/spool/mail) = cwdstuff::get (0x22DB38, 260, 1, 0
), errno 2
  500 2610169 [main] mutt 4024 symlink_info::check: not a symlink
   77 2610246 [main] mutt 4024 symlink_info::check: 0 = symlink.check (C:\cygwin\var\spool\mail\myuser
.lock, 0x22D7F8) (0xA)
  115 2610361 [main] mutt 4024 link: file 'C:\cygwin\var\spool\mail\myuser.lock' exists?
   63 2610424 [main] mutt 4024 link: -1 = link (myuser.MYUSER.4024, myuser.lock)

But, before mutt gets to this point the lock file (myuser.lock) does not
exist, and yet it exists from that point forward.

Should I install and earlier Cygwin release?  How should I do that?


PS: I'm not on the list.

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