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Re: Cygwin causes 0x00000024 Stop Error (BLUE SCREEN)

Guys, I'm really surprised nobody has mentioned the obvious culprit (or asked the obvious question):

Anti virus software? Was McAfee or Norton (but esp. McAfee) running while setup.exe was executed?

I *always* disable McAfee before running setup. Every time I forget, I get a bluescreen. Minidump analysis shows that the fault is in fact McAfee -- which runs in kernel mode -- and not setup.

(I also turn off McAfee when compiling; it really slows down disk IO)

Now, I realize that it would cause some raised eyebrows if we put, in big friendly letters on the main cygwin page, "Turn off all antivirus software before running this (unverified) binary setup.exe, and using it to install 300MB of other (unsigned) software on your system".

But is there really any other option? Heck, even if we did sign all of the packages and provide verification, we'd still be asking people to trust us enough to turn off their virus scanner...and because McAfee sucks eggs, we kinda HAVE to make that request, or we get blamed for BSODs.


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