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RE: Cygwin causes 0x00000024 Stop Error (BLUE SCREEN)


In case it hasn't been made clear, if your system is Windows NT, 2000 or XP and it blue-screens, locks up or otherwise exhibits a symptom of a system failure, then software at the application level _cannot_ be to blame. Only code that executes with hardware privileges (CPU / instruction / kernel mode) and / or writable access to system memory areas can cause this sort of problem.

Cygwin includes no driver, file system or kernel code and hence cannot be responsible for a blue-screen.

You could have hardware problems (CPU, RAM, peripherals or even power supply), driver problems or file system problems, but this symptom cannot be pinned on Setup.exe or any other Cygwin software.

Likewise, it cannot be the locus of a fix for such a problem. While I certainly cannot speak for others who read this list, I doubt anyone is going to a) be able to help you much to solve this situation, since it is surely idiosyncratic and specific to your system; b) be motivated to do so.

Got it?

Randall Schulz
Mountain View, CA USA

At 12:12 2002-11-24, Daniel Armbrust wrote:
You guys sure are fast for a Sunday.  Open source is great : )

I am surprised that I am this unlucky.  Previously, I tried to track
this problem down, and I thought that I had come across an FAQ that
referenced cygwin causing Blue Screens, and the answer was basically you
have bad drivers.  This is why I assumed this was more frequently


This has happened to me on the initial install, (not all, but most
packages) and also today, when I downloaded rsync + dependencies and
other updates since the last time I downloaded (about a months worth) so
maybe it was around 10 packages.

If there is anything I can do to provide you with more debugging info
(or if theres any other suggestions you can give me for debugging this
if it is solely a hardware/driver issues) let me know,


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