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Re: Executing commands is VERY slow when logged into an NT domain....

At 10:58 AM 6/25/2002 -0400, you wrote:
This sounds exactly like the problem I've reported
recently, but I haven't seen any responses yet:

Incidentally, I am also using a domain login account.
Does your problem disappear if you log into the machine as a local user?

More information. . . . . .

I upgraded my office computer (which is directly connected to the
network with the domain controller) to use 1.3.10.  The problem
does *not* occur there.  However, that machine is NT4, not XP,
so it's not really a totally fair test.

I replaced the 1.3.10 cygwin1.dll with the 1.3.9 version, and
everything at home now works as I expect, with no pregnant pauses.

If I replace the .9 with the .10, the pregnant pauses immediately

If, instead of logging in as CREST\erich, I log in as LAPTOP\erich,
i.e. as a local user, then I do not get the pregnant pauses even with
the .10 version.

So it appears to be some interaction with the .10 cygwin1.dll and
having a user logged into a domain, where the controller isn't
currently available to validate.

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