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Re: Make-3.79 problem: configure: error: can not run ./config.sub

Gerrit P. Haase wrote:

> Mohammad Saleem schrieb am 2001-08-22, 0:16:
>>Hi all,
>>I wish to build make version 3.79 according to the instructions given below:
>>tar -zxvf make-3.79.tar.gz
>>cd make-3.79
>>mkdir build
>>cd build
>>../configure --prefix=/usr
>>make check
>>make install
>>But I get following error messages already at configure stage:
>>bash-2.02$ bash ./configure --prefix=/usr
>>creating cache ./config.cache
>>checking for a BSD compatible install... /cygnus/CYGWIN~1/H-I
>>checking whether build environment is sane... yes
>>checking whether make sets ${MAKE}... yes
>>checking for working aclocal... missing
>>checking for working autoconf... missing
>>checking for working automake... missing
>>checking for working autoheader... missing
>>checking for working makeinfo... missing
>>configure: error: can not run ./config.sub
> You need binutils, gcc, autoconf, automake, m4 and,
> most important, perl for building with autotools.
> Probably some other packages like sh-utils, textutils,
> findutils, ...(nearly the whole 'latest' directory).

Usually you only need the autotools if you're doing something unusual 
(like maintaining the package itself, or porting to a NEW -- previously 
unsupported -- platform).  Make *should* build using just a ./configure 
; make.

But according to this user, it doesn't.  Three possibilities:

1) make is 'unique' somehow in that 'just building it' requires some or 
all of the autotools.  This user doesn't have them installed.
---> install automake, autoconf, and perl

2) something in this user's setup is broken. Dunno what.
---> ???

3) the make tarball is somehow defective -- this could be as simple as 
doing a 'chmod +x' on config.sub after unpacking.

BTW, are you using the make src tarball from one of the cygwin mirrors, 
or are you using the "clean" GNU make source? (The cygwin version may 
have some patches, I dunno...)


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