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"Cannot open terminal: cygwin."

"Open bash shell here" shell extension

- Memory allocation

-mno-cygwin links me to cygwin1.dll

/usr/bin and /bin, same directory? and other weirdness

/usr/bin/ps2epsi bugs & fixes

/usr/share/vim/vim58/syntax/dtd.vim has errors

Re: /usr/share/vim/vim58/syntax/dtd.vim has errors]

Re: 1.3.2 bug: expect kills the terminal

1.3.2 Problem tarring/untarring shortcuts

1.3.2 Xfree Startup Bug Win2k/XP

Re: 1.3.2: "tail -f logfile" hangs / freezes up

1.3.2: bash hanging out forever when exiting with ctrl-D (also ssh!)

1.3.2: Bug fileutil cp -p

1.3.2: Cygwin && UDP && O_NONBLOCK

1.3.2: Cygwin bug in the Windows XP

1.3.2: Gnu Emacs Ange Ftp Fails

1.3.2: I get a GPF everytime I run SETUP.EXE

Re: 1.3.2: isspace/ctype problem cause to prevent from accessing non-ascii(8-bit) file or directorys

1.3.2: isspace/ctype problem cause to prevent from accessing non-ascii(8-bit) fileor directorys

1.3.2: Seg Fault (seemingly) Caused by fopen / symlink_info / GetFileAttributesA

1.3.2: Vim cursor position incorrect in bash on Win 2k

$B%8%c%9%H%$%s!L(B 080701$B!M(B


$B>J%9%Z!<%9!&>JEENO$N>.7?%5!<%P!l(B $B!*!*(B



Rf. : Re: Scrolling problems with rxvt .

Re: On Cygwin package naming and a setup.exe bug


Re: [ A serious bug of "ld --enable-auto-import"]

[ANN] dllhelpers-0.2.7

[ANNOUNCEMENT] perl-5.6.1-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: ash-20010827-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: automake-1.5-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: lynx-2.8.4-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: perl-5.6.1-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: postgresql-7.1.3-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: python-2.1.1-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: termcap-20010825-1

Re: [CYGWIN] path not set - can't start ipc-daemon

Re: [Fwd: -qa / -qi problem]

Re: [Fwd: pthread_cond_timedwait() problem]

[htdig] Re: htdig no longer compiles correctly on cygwin

[ Move to co-location facility]

Re: [Re: Another problem; Bash]

Re: [SOLVED] Problems with mkpasswd/mkgroup -d

[SOLVED] Re: Degrading tty behaviour

about java

about reinstall

About Those Sound Problems

Re: addendum: Windows 2000: "WARNING: terminal is not fully functiona l" and problems with vi-- forgotten cygcheck.out data

addendum: Windows 2000: "WARNING: terminal is not fully functional" and problems with vi-- forgotten cygcheck.out data

Another Netequette Point

Re: Another problem; Bash

any one got latex2html working in cygwin?

Re: Any way to "preconfigure" setting for "local package directory" i n local distribution?

Any way to "preconfigure" setting for "local package directory" in local distribution?

Anyone using "calltree"?

Apache problem

application to cygwin mailing list.

Are you tired of waiting for commission checks?

arm gcc on cygwin

ash-20010805-1 calling trap incorrectly.

RE: auto-import STATUS

RE: Automake 1.4l released

Re: Automake 1.4l released -- show of hands from cygwin/automake maintainers?

Re: Automake 1.4l released -- show of hands from cygwin/automake maintainers?

Re: Automake 1.4l released -- show of hands from cygwin/automakemaintainers?

Autoreply: Re: Which package contains 'cat'?

backslash in pathfile under Cygwin

Be Debt Free for 2002.

BIND 4.9.7 Cygwin port

binutils is no longer experimental

BitchX configure Error

broken link

Re: BUG - 1.3.n accept fails if NULL sockaddr * argument and other related stuff.

BUG found in cygwin1.dll : cygwin_dll_init() crash

bug in pthread_mutex_init (cygwin-src-20010813)

BUG Report: (was: Understanding Cygwin /etc/passwd and /etc/group on W98)

Bug Report: man2html stackdumps when fed groff_tmac(5), groff(7), and roff(7) manpages.

Re: Bug Report: man2html stackdumps when fed groff_tmac(5), groff(7),and roff(7) manpages.

bug, man, 1.5f, MANPATH with blanks

Building GCC from Sources

building Python extension modules - crash on import

Building rxvt?

building setup.exe

Re: Building winsup

Bulk Friendly Hosting only $300 month..

business letter from Beijing, China

C compiler cannot create executables

Calling cygwin from MSVS6.0 Fortran program

Calling opendir, readdir for empty removeable drive pops up SEM dialog

can cygwin be set not to set UNIX permissions

can not set a password or new hostname?

Can't execute non-Cygwin applications after using socket().

Can't get dumper.exe to work

Can't kill other users processes

can't make src/tutorial

cant even login

cc1.exe: Output filename specified twice error


Changing from DOS to Unix mode after installation.

check_case:strict / cygpath

checking for Fnlib_init in -lFnlib... no

chmod +x does not work. cygwin 1.3.2, win2k.

chmod configuration

chroot bug

Club Dancers Now On-Line

coff files

Colors mess up terminal

competition for HOME environment variable

compiling Tk800.023

Compiling XWin.exe from the XFree86 Build Tree

Concurrency Problem

Re: Condition Variables?

Conection refused by X server.

Re: CONFIRM subscribe to

Continued problems compiling with Cygwin 1.3.x

Re: The continuing saga: building Xemacs-21.5--i686-pc-Cygwin: PART IV

Re: The continuing saga: building Xemacs-21.5--i686-pc-Cygwin: PART IV

Re: The continuing saga: building Xemacs-21.5--i686-pc-Cygwin: PART IV

The continuing saga: building Xemacs-21.5--i686-pc-Cygwin: PART IV

control-c issue when running VC++ console programs in bash.exe

RE: FW: Crash on setup- Cygwin

create a "real" windows shortcut ??

cron and user context

Cron jobs won't run

cron problem in event log

cron problems on NT

cron requires COLD BOOT

Cross build to Mingw/Win32

CRT _beginthreadex and cygwin

cvs add: cannot remove <dirname>/CVS: Not a directory

Re:cvs connection refused

cvs connection refused (was: Re: setup.exe)

CVS with 'ntsec'


cygrunsrv and .bat files ??

cygrunsrv and .bat files??

cygrunsrv automatic startup fails with rinetd

cygrunsrv.exe failure

Cygutils Perl module RPMs; XML::Parser, XML::DOM; Unicode


RE: Cygwin && UDP && O_NONBLOCK

Cygwin 'rm' leaves hidden 'deleted' directories around

Cygwin 1.3.2-1 Problems with CR/LF in Perl

CYGWIN : "memory could not be read" problem

Cygwin and Cygwin/XFree86 Review

Cygwin cron: crontabs still ignored

cygwin g++ 2.95.3 problem at bastring.h

Cygwin install problem

Cygwin install trouble...

CYGWIN JPEG question

Cygwin on win2k

cygwin on XP

Re: cygwin on XP - a POLL.....

Cygwin Perl and Module Math::BigInt

Cygwin Perl and serial ports?

Cygwin Perl LWP timeout workaround

cygwin problem

Cygwin screen port - Reattaching a screen

Cygwin version 1.3.2

Cygwin's CVS - can it be a network server?

cygwin, jni and java question

cygwin/clearcase problem

cygwin1.3.2 + ipv6patch


Re: cygz DLL missing from 1.3.2 distrib under win98

Re: data in socketpair() channel lost if writer closes or exits without shutting down

DDD binaries

DDD cygwin binary download here...

Debugging Threads in Cygwin

Re: difficulties with 1.4.5/cygwin

diffrence from linux

Digest Format

DirectX in cygwin

Disregard: Installation problem on NT (mingwm10.dll)

DLL file

Re: dll-helpers

DocBook under CygWin

Documentation on ssh


dos2unix or equivalent

Doubt in bash with gettext

Empty Mirrors

environment variable

ERROR while building Gcc 3.0.1 for sh-coff in cygwin environment

Error while compiling PHP on Cygwin


export display

Extremely slow file access under bash

failing malloc in multithreaded program using cygwin 1.3.2

File system types


fix to sys/un.h

fread help!

From Brent Jensen

ftpd stalls when the W2k TCP Loopback adapter is enabled

ftpd: directory listing (ls) hangs

Re: G++ 3.0 under Cygwin

g++ error

GCC *builds* now... but no install

gcc 3.0 binaries

GCC configure broken on my system

gcc linking problem - badly installed?

gcc-3.1 bootstraps with new binutils

Re: gcc-3.1 test gcc.dg/wint_t-1.c fails on cygwin

Re:Gdb problem

German Cygwin Newsgroup

Re: getting huge amount of errors during tests

Getting the runaround from download script

GNU Adapter DLL for Code Warrior

GNU tools for ARM-targetted on Windows

gnutar1.12 -xzpkf does not preserve file attributes on windows bug.


grep -r : permission denied

GTK errors

GUI Front end for gcov and gprof

gvim and make

Re: heap_chunk_in_mb again

Help a beginner!

Help on posix file lock semantics

Help please

Help with building source...


Help: linking a dll which uses runtime symbol on cygwin

RE: hi help me please

High qality & Low cost Internet Courses for India citizena or worldwide

hostname and Domain Names

how can I run /usr/sbin/in.ftpd.exe ??

How display GUI application with SSH ?

How do I start inetd as SYSTEM account?

How do you build XWin.exe from the XFree86 source tree? Please Help!

how to build -mno-cygwin zlib dll?

Re: how to build -mno-cygwin zlib dll? (OFF-TOPIC)

How to build a static linked library

How to cut/paste text between windows and cygwin/xfree86 applications?

how to detect the version of the cygwin I installed

How to find what version of cygwin one is running?

How to re-configure

How to unsubscribe?

How would I uninstall Cygwin?

I have been trying to use NMAP and i try ./configure it keeps failing....HELP

I suggest creation of a list of package maintainers

If you're looking for a bride ...


ignore last post

illegal operation

Illegal operation trying to install Cygwin on Win 95

Increase Penis size 1-4 inches!


Input/Output functions

Inserting new user.

installation problem

Installation problem on NT (mingwm10.dll)

Instant Messaging platform at your Web site is now a few clicks away

Instructions for building on NT

Interference with Astex and Scilab

international characters problem with bash

It's not CygWin, it is Cygwin

Java NoClassDefFoundError


keyboard buffer order

Large File Handling - gcc 2.95.2-6 WinNT

latest sygwin version with awk function

ld error linking ghostscript

let command

library path for libopengl32

Re: libwww install fails on cygwin: HEAD vs. head filename confusion?

Licensing terms


LINE_BUFFER_SIZE (was 'make cannot execvp')

link(2) and atomic file creation on NFS

linking against dlls

Linking Problem

Linking the Intel math kernel libraries

listen on port 22 but can't auth and login ??


Re-loading DLL's (and the like)

locale support


logrotate, NT, open files

Looking for tcl/tk version 8.3.3

Loon-Kar Tan/NUS is out of the office.

Re: Lynx : unable to connect to remote host --error -possible fix

The mail `fix to sys/un.h' was wrong

mailinglist shutdown, apache 2.0.16 compile error under cygwin

make can't exec virtual pointers (strange...)

Make-3.79 problem: configure: error: can not run ./config.sub

Re: make.depend, my gcc is not to slow

Re: memory problems in chroot'ed env (Was: chroot bug)

Message Queues in Cygwin


Missing cygwin1.dll efter installing full.exe

Missing include files

Mobile install

Mount problems using NT Roaming profile.

Mutt mailbox corruption during delete

Re: mutt, ssmtp problems

Re: mv (and chmod bug) ?

mv and chmod bugs ?

my website of me is up!


MYSQL problem

MySQL support

ncurses problem -- Help Me

Need help setting up ssh

Need to rebuild only make

Re:network device

Re:Network device

Network Mapper NMAP on cygwin

New Cygwin patches for Bind 8.2.4/8.2.5a/8.3.0a

Newbie question: UID 500 on WinNT

no fnmatch in 1.3.2

no ls? no mkdir?

Non X rxvt fonts

notice from your webhost

NT5 - login incorrect

ntsec, passwd, and group issues again

NTuser -> linux users without CYGwin

On Cygwin package naming and a setup.exe bug

On vous a envoye un virus

OpenGL problem

OpenSSH patches dealing with incorrect pathing

openssl on cygwin

Oracle client in Cygwin?

Packaging information from China

Parse errors in winnt.h and winbase.h

Re: PASS Crypt-IDEA-1.01 cygwin-multi 1.3.2(0.3932)


Re: PASSWD.EXE and Re: Possible to login as different user?

password authentication for sshd fails

Path oddity

pb with execution of bash under win98

perl -MO=CC and gcc problem

perl inclusion with cygwin

Perl modules

Perl problem still..

perl-5.6.1-2 bug

Please help interpret this error message

Please Help: 'no medium' error

RE: pool ??

Re: pool ??


popen Access Denied Error on Windows 2000

Re:Port of DHCPD

Port to Windows CE?

Ported xlockmore

Porting from mingw32 to cygwin

Porting problems with assembler

possible pthread_mutex_init bug: reads uninitialized memory

Possible to login as different user?

possible virus

postgres connection problem

Postgres Error

Potential cygwin licence issue?

Press for Cygwin

press for cygwin

Re: Press for Cygwin

RE: press for cygwin

problem building program: undef ref _imp__gettext

Problem in using telnet (inetutils-1.3.2-14)

Problem linking with cygipc

PROBLEM SOLVED: NT/2000 failure

Re: Problem Tunneling VNC through SSH

Problem with command line make.

problem with cron and network shares

problem with CygWin install on Win ME system using setup

problem with CygWin install on Win ME system using setup - not any more, thanks!

RE: Problem with root account, login, X, KDE, etc -- none of the docu mentation seemed to work

RE: Problem with root account, login, X, KDE, etc -- none of the docu mentation seemed to work

Problem with root account, login, X, KDE, etc -- none of the documentation seemed to work

Re: problem/bug in select command of socket / winsock

Problems building Xemacs-21.5--i686-pc-Cygwin: PART III :=(D

Problems building Xemacs/i686-pc-cygwin

Problems Compiling libmpeg3

problems installing perl-5.6.1-2

Problems under XP

problems with binary attachments and mutt

Problems with cpantest mails

Problems with executing X11 programs via ssh

problems with make

Problems with man under Windows XP RC1

Problems with mkpasswd/mkgroup -d

Problems with path resolution

Profiling with GPROF considered buggy?

The Program

Programming Questions, netinet/udp.h

Prompt to create local package directory if it doesn't exist?

Proper way to start dos/win executables?

ps2epsi not working?

pshared mutex's and cond variables - does anyone use them?

Re: pthread_cond_timedwait() problem

Re: pthread_cond_timedwait() problem]

pthread_create and priorities



Question ...Can you help me ! please...running FORTRAN 77

question about ada and vc++

Question about line wrapping and ssh

Question about timezone type

question on installations


question? can you help me!!!!!!

quick DLL question

Rahsia Kejayaan

random stackdumps during long running builds


RE[2}: Why does this __declspec(dllimport) fail to compile?

Re: Rebooting a Win9x box

Rebooting a Win9x box (was: Rebooting a windows 2000 box)

Re: Rebooting a Win9x/2000 box

Re: Rebooting a windows 2000 box

Rebuilding the tool set

Rebuilding the tool set (fwd)

Redirection to file becomes garbage

regarding man in cygwin software

restricted access via cygwin/openssh

Ripping my hair out over adding a user

Re: rm - access violation not counted in W2k Professional

Re: rm -rf dir hangs on SAMBA drive if dir/foo is read-only.

rmdir() sets errno = ENOTDIR when dir/file doesn't exist?

RPM. Was: Re: press for cygwin

Re: rsync

rsync - trouble setting path in daemon modules

Rsync: found the problem

rxvt opportunity

rxvt pasting with the mouse

rxvt: inheritance: shell, path and aliases

Samba for Cygwin

save/restore the console buffer.

Scrolling in the terminal window

Re: Scrolling problems with rxvt .

A serious bug of "ld --enable-auto-import"

Seriuos problems connecting to Internet from Perl script , lynx

Setting com port speed.


setup question


sftp->ls creates sftp-server.exe.stackdump

sgtty library?

Shared library question

Shell CAPS-lock settings

SIGILL with pthreads and sockets

Signal handling in tight loops

signals and VC++

Silly question about OpenSSH and Cygwin


Slowing down the machine

Slowness of Cygwin

Re: Slowness of Cygwin (and NT/2000 failure)

RE: smtp?

soapbox - was: press for cygwin

Solved: Cygwin 'rm' leaves hidden 'deleted' directories around

RE: Solved: ftpd stalls when the W2k TCP Loopback adapter is enab led

Solved: ftpd stalls when the W2k TCP Loopback adapter is enabled

Some inetutils don't work

Re: ssh hanging with -f option

ssh takes 99% CPU

ssh-add produces "Could not open a connection to your authentication agent"

ssh-client doesn't work with X-forwarding (at least with me)

sshd debug output, and ssh debug

SSHD without password permission denied

sshd_config for Cygwin

Starting cron as a different user on Windows 2K

Still Perl problems

Strage behaviour for Cygwin's grep..

strange ps behavior

Strange ps behavior

subscibing for the newsletter

Subscription To List

Successfully built rrdtool

Support for Expect.

support for powerpc-eabi

Re: Symbol in DLL begin with _ (was: building Python extension modules)

tar 'mini'-bug

Target platform

TCP-IP outside Cygwin?

Telnet/Rlogin Aren't Working

termcap bug

Terminal settings for rsh/telnet to remote


testdbm: segmentation fault

teTeX mktexlsr problem

Re:tftp & syslog

Re:tftpd issue

Thanks! re: PASSWD and re: login

Thread Debugging in GDB for Cygwin


Transient fetchmail corruption problem under Windows 2000

Trouble starting kde

Trying to get cron working

Re: Turn $25 into $25,000 in 1 month!

turning off the bell

Two questions about CygTcl/Tk

unexpected behaviour of 'find' command

Uninstalling Unix

RE: unlink() problem

Unsubscribe for 55 Million Safe Lists and Email Software

Up-to-date info on '-mno-cygwin' vs. Mingw32

Updated: binutils-20010802-1 (experimental)

Re: Updated: make-3.79.3-4

Upper/lower case filenames.

user name


Using CygIPC

using cygwin within dev-c++

Using DOS directories

using GCC with Tcl/Tk

Using POSIX functions in Cygwin?

UW IMAP downloads off-line: suggestions requested

UW IMAP Server downloads back on-line: Please update URL

UW Imap Server: URL Change

v 1.3.2 : file acces problem by IIS

A Vacation on us!

VC++ .lib files with g++ ?



violation error

Virtual memory problem (Win98)

Virus report in cygwin

void tty association

Way around .fetchmailrc and permissions on Win95??

What changes does cygwin bring to the Windows NT 4.0 OS?

what I need to build a DLL

what is the story of PERL on cygwin?

where are the newlib sources?

Where do terminal line settings come from?

where is /dev/dsp/

where is a good board for RSYNC ?

where to get xterm for cygwin/xfree86 4.1 ?

Which package contains 'cat'?

Whither a2ps.exe?

Why does this __declspec(dllimport) fail to compile?

why I can not make normal user and set hostname?

Why is the file created via "cmd /c echo.>1" reported by "ls -l" as owned by Administrator and group None?

why not?

Win2k cygwin.bat bash unable to find 'cygwin root' profile

Win32 GDB specific problem

win95 and permissions

Re: Windows 2000: "WARNING: terminal is not fully functional" and pro blems with vi

Windows 2000: "WARNING: terminal is not fully functional" and problems with vi

Windows XP

Windows XP and Cygwin

windres troubles...

Winsock recv/WSARecv(..., MSG_PEEK) is unreliable (was Re: Transient fetchmail ...)

WinXP incompatibility?? wrong tests....

wxWindows - problem with cygwin ?

X questions here?


Xterm and buffer size

You have 3 new people in your downline


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