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RE: Calling cygwin32_conv_to_full_win32_path from a MSVC app

  Thanks. You are correct. I am actually using the b20p1 distribution, but
due to build issues had to rename the dll to 19. I forgot about this when I
wrote the document.

  I was using cygpath for a while. Basically, we have an ENV var that
contains the path, and the scripts have to modify it. Then, when we invoke
the program (often by hand), it is directly, not via a path -- up shot is we
have no place to put the cygpath utility in. And the program we are running
is enough out of my control that I can't change the way it is run. So... I
need to convert the path while I'm running. :(


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Earnie Boyd []
> Sent: Wednesday, January 12, 2000 12:12 PM
> To: Gordon Watts (UW Seattle); Gnu-Win Cygnus Mailing List
> Subject: Re: Calling cygwin32_conv_to_full_win32_path from a MSVC app
> --- "Gordon Watts (UW Seattle)" <> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >   I'm trying to convert from UNIX paths to NT paths inside an
> app that has
> > been built under MSVC. I was hoping to do this by pulling in the
> > cygwin19.dll and then calling the conversion function.
> Why cygwin B19?!! It's a couple of years old now.
> >   I can see from the mailing list (I used egroups, which had the best
> > message interface that I saw, to do the search) that this has
> been discussed
> > quite a bit. After an hour of looking I wasn't able to fix the
> problem. Here
> > is what I'm doing now.
> >
> There exists a utility program called cygpath that does this
> already.  I don't
> remember if it was distributed with B19 or not, but it did exist
> in that era
> and it is in the current source tree.
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