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telnetd again

I know this has done the rounds, but I have read all the mailing list
messages regarding telnetd and still got nowhere.

I have installed inetd ok, and it seems to work (I have tested by
sending messages to the echo port).
When I telnet to my PC, I get the login and password which are both
accepted OK, but then I get the

login: no shell: /bin/sh: Not owner


I have set the relevant user rights as suggested: i.e, "Act as Part of
OS" and "Increase Quotas" (The "Assign Primary Token" is a tricky one,
as I don't see it. However I do see a "Create Primary Token", which I
have set for my user. I am running NT4 with SP3 by the way).
I have debugged the login program, and the failure is on the sexeclp

(the following bit may be related to the above, but I don't see how).
In addition, I have set up the /etc/passwd and /etc/group files using
mkpasswd and mkgroup.
When I do a, for example, 

chown ian /bin/sh

The ownership is set to 65535, not to ian!

ian is a member of teh passwd file with uid 5001 (I have tried various
uid's and accounts). The only one that does set the ownership correctly
is the administrator. I.e. chown administartor /bin/sh sets the owner to
I also have CYGWIN_TTY=1 set.

Now I'm confused. What is happening? I have two disks on my PC, a FAT
and a NTFS. I've tried it on both. 

Ian Collins. 

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