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  • 1997-11-19 01:25 Scott Warner
  • 1997-11-20 00:54 Bernd Schilpp

    "cd delay"

    #include files.

    Re: (Updated) Sample code for beginners of tcl/tk

    (Updated) Sample code for beginners of tcl/tk & cygwin32 environment


    1. rxvt ; 2. XFree Servers

    80 column text

    [ANN] bug-fix update for i386-mingw32 native toolchain

    [ANN] mingw32-egcs native dev toolchain

    [ANN] native make.exe (mingw32)

    Advertisement: Web Site Hosting

    Advertisement: Website Hosting

    Advise sought on ELF

    always get illegal operation when exiting tcl application

    always get illegal operation when exiting tcl application (fwd)

    ANSI flashing support ?

    Anyone get V C++ to compile?

    Archive file decode

    ask for help

    Re: auto-completion

    autoconf, automake etc

    AW: Problem with bash

    b18 ctype.h isXXX and -Wall -pedantic

    b18 g++ linker error

    b18 sys/socket.h: corrections

    bash and inputrc

    Re: Bash as the interactive shell in Emacs 19.34.6 for NT not working

    Re: Bash as the interactive shell in Emacs 19.34.6 for NT not working

    Re: Bash as the interactive shell in Emacs 19.34.6 for NT not working

    Bash as the interactive shell in Emacs 19.34.6 for NT not working anymore!

    RE: Bash as the interactive shell in Emacs 19.34.6 for NT...

    Bash bug ?

    bash for Alpha/NT

    bash for Alpha/NT available again

    Bash problem

    bash shell question

    Bash under NTemacs still not working

    BASH/.BAT files and NT

    bash/gmake problem

    bash: exported env. variables change name in child, Beta 18, NT4.0

    benchmarking on NT


    Bison AND Flex for Windows NT

    Re: bug in bash with sergey's latest patches?

    bug in wait code.

    bugs with `rm' and delete queue

    building libcygwin.a and cygwin.dll

    Re: Can globbing be disabled from MS-DOS?

    Can I do this?

    Can't optimize

    Case madness... :-(

    cc1 got fatal signal 33

    Re: cc1 got fatal signal 33 (NBY)

    chmod question

    Classes for creating scatter plots

    co-existance on cygwin32 and uwin

    Command line length limit

    Comments on this socket code for cvs please?

    Compilation of Midnight Commander

    Compiling wget

    Compiling with -fexceptions causes link errors

    Compling Tiny Fugue?

    Configuring inetd for own service.

    Console title

    controlling tty

    CoolView sources.

    COOLVIEW strncat problem again

    coolview-src.tar.gz crossbuilds bad DLL on Linux

    coolview-strncat problem

    Copy and paste and the cygwin environment

    cp -p

    RE: cp -p now works

    Creating a dll problem.

    Creating NT services

    cross compiling

    cross gcc for ppc

    CVS and SSH

    cvs: cvsadmin functions not working

    cvs: vers 1.9 how to compile it with cygwin32?

    Cygwin-Minimalist system?

    Re: cygwin.dll src question: fork()

    cygwin32 (mingw32) + egcs -- news update

    Re: cygwin32 and gl.h trouble

    cygwin32 X11 problem

    cygwin_except_handler exception C0000005,cygnus-2.7.2-970404

    cygwin_except_handler problem !

    damn ^M s


    Debugging help needed

    Delays in first use of bash, ls, etc.

    Re: Detecting CD-ROM drive

    digest format

    DirectX and library HOWTO

    dll argument passing between vb and gcc

    Do signals work?

    docs for dlltool?

    Does a Korn Shell come with NT?

    Does the popen work? gcc cygnus-2.7.2-970404

    Download c language

    EGCS (was Re: MS Platform SDK now available)

    egcs - the story so far

    egcs version of gcc - problems

    egcs, C++ and GnuWin32

    egcs-mingw32 native!


    environment variables in Win95

    Error in installation

    Error in installation (fwd)

    execution speed depends on $PATH

    exporting/importing classes in MSVC++ - DLLs

    Extremely useful NT tools (some w/source) & info (Re: NTbenchmarking)

    Failed reading symbols from DLL

    FAQ Candidate :)

    faster fork.

    File permission _feature_

    Focus-follows-mouse on NT?

    foreign DLL loading problem

    Re: fork speed



    Free $$$


    FreeBSD & GNU-Win32

    Frw: Re: Intel Pentium Bug

    ftp download for c program

    FTP Menu at

    Fully working cvs client/server on NT: UPDATE

    Fully working cvs client/server on Windows NT

    Funny binary file copies from Midnight Commander

    g++ "Not owner messages"

    g++ problem "-fno-implicit-templates"

    g++, opengl, and STDCALL, * __attribute__ ((stdcall)) problem.

    g77 for Win32??

    gcc -v "\" and "/"

    gcc compiler fail - reloc overflow

    GCC/G++ for Win32

    gdb - target remote hung-up on windows-95

    GDB trouble


    getenv / relocatable dlls

    Re: gettimeofday()

    Getting bash working under Emacs

    Getting ntxlib to work with cygwin

    Getting the slang library to work with cygwin

    Re: Getting TkMan to compile with cygwin gcc and Tcl/Tk win32

    Re: Getting/Compiling Perl5 ?

    GIMP anyone?

    GNU debugger

    Re: GNU Indent

    GNU indent?

    GNU patch program

    Re: GNU setup?

    GNU Win 32 Info Viewer


    Gnu-win32 Central :)

    Gnu-Win32 Central is up...

    gnu-win32 installation

    gnu-win32 mirror

    gnu-win32 on CDROM

    The GNU-Win32 Project Page is...

    gnu-win32 releases

    gnu-win32/Nov'97 MS Platform SDK

    gnuwin32 in a multi-user environment

    Got this error: COPY FOR DUP FAILED...


    Has anyone used the ported c++ on a multi-file project?

    RE: Heap chunk size registry entry WAS: Towards a more user-friendly

    RE: Heap chunk size registry entry WAS: Towards a more user-friendly cygwin.dll

    RE: Heap chunk size registry entry WAS: Towards a more user-friendly cygwin.dll

    Heap chunk size registry sample

    Re: heap_chunk_size [was:] Towards a more user-friendly cygwin.dll


    help !! (newbee problem)

    help on bash

    Help on compiling a C program which uses TK library

    Re: Help on compiling a C program which uses TK library (f

    Help on compiling gdbtk on cygwin32 environment

    Help on compliing perl5.004_04 with Gdbm

    Help: corrupted stack

    How about a _beginthread implementation of fork?

    How can I use gcc with the Platform SDK?

    How to export DLL functions for Windows apps

    how to find a specific tool?

    How to import DLL functions?

    How to set up a DNS ?

    How to use the MS headers (first attempt)

    How to use the MS headers (second attempt)


    ide again

    imake problem

    Import libraries for MSVC++ compiled dlls


    inetd "core dump"

    inetd problem.


    Instaling cdk.exe....

    Install Problem!

    install suggestion (Re: groff/man)

    installation problem with gdb?

    installing problems...?

    Re: InstallShield reports:

    Re: InstallShield reports: "WinExec failed: return=20" after 99% completion

    RE: InstallShield reports: "WinExec failed: return=20" after 99% completion

    InstallShield reports: "WinExec failed: return=20" after 99% completion

    interesting problem with "find"

    Internal compiler error

    ioctl calls with latest coolview

    Re: Irrelevant MS ravings (was Re: Win 95 console business)

    Is there a freeware telnet server on win95?

    Is there any Profiler for GNU???

    ispell 3.1

    Latest coolview: execv() broken?

    ld -r

    Legal aspects of using the GNU-Win32 tools?



    libdl (Announcment type thing)

    Limited time offer: copy of updated ntxlib.tar.gz

    Linking gcc and msvc objects

    Linux->cygwin32 cross-compile

    Looking for perl that is cygnus compatible

    ls -p very slow

    LyX and Xforms

    Mailing list archivers.

    mailing-list archives

    Make crashes periodically

    make memory limit ?

    malloc() question..

    MAN port?

    MAN script for troff2html

    Manual pages included but no man utility?

    Matlab and Gnu-Win32?????

    MD5 sums

    MFC and GNU Win32

    mingw32 gdb and tcl/tk [Re: Re[2]: Petzold Example]


    Missing ANSI functions?



    more newbee problems

    More NT desktop customization questions

    More on Less (pardon the pun)

    Mount - is there a limitation I'm not aware of?

    mount -b option question

    Re: MS Platform SDK

    MS Platform SDK now available

    Re: msvc++ vs gcc

    Multi-char key problems in win95 console

    My Own Service Run By Inetd.. How?


    ncurses install problem

    need a help

    Network Drive installation of cdk

    new coolview produces bash crash

    New egcs binary snapshot

    New gnu-win32 release status

    newbee problems

    Re: Newbie Compilation Question

    Re: Newest Pentium bug (fatal)

    Re: Newest Pentium bug (fatal) (fwd)

    No Subject


    Re: A non cygwin implementation of fork

    non-blocking io on serial

    OemToCharBuffA etc.

    Re: OemToCharBuffA etc. -- Sorry for the incomplete message

    On the subtleties of using _beginthread to implement fork

    Online Shareware Store Partnership

    OpenGL with gcc

    Re: OpenGL with gcc (Minimalist Solution)

    opening X display

    Re: OpenNT

    Outsourcing fork() to RTLDLL

    P5[45]c bug... Question..

    Pathname separators?

    pentium bug

    Pentium bug

    Pentium bug halts system

    Pentium bug work-around

    Periodic loss of file date : cp -p now works

    Re: Petzold and Mingw32

    Petzold and Mingw32 (Was: Re: MS Platform SDK)

    Petzold Example

    Petzold example

    Re[2]: Petzold Example

    philosophy question

    pointers &arrays[]

    Ported: Internet Junkbuster 2.0

    POSIX job control..

    Possible Bug in gcc compiler

    Possible cause of WaitForMultipleObjects error message

    Problem after installation.

    Problem with bash

    Problem with fsetpos

    Problem with GetKeyState()

    problem with the ´date´ command

    problems building GUI application

    Problems getting started with bash

    Problems with 'bash'

    problems with building a dll with the b18 package

    Problems with CygWin32 ???

    Problems with Lesstif ( Motif) for cygwin


    Q: How to configure /dev/null

    quastion about C++


    Question about bash and case sensitive exports


    questions about user tools

    quick fix for bug in clock() (GNU-Win32 b18)

    raw floppy access

    raw floppy access again

    RCS links to other directories

    Re Perl for win32

    Readme Central Site....

    Recompiling the whole thing under Windows 95 ...

    reg make

    Relocatable DLL example doesn't work for b18

    Remote.tar.gz and friends


    RPM (at last..)

    Re: rxvt

    RXVT and COM2

    Sample code for beginners of tcl/tk & cygwin32 environment

    Re: Search engine?

    Searching for a precompiled version of BISON


    Sergey's patches

    SGI STL library problem


    SIGSEGV in _size_of_heap_reserve

    Simple chroot using chdrive

    slightly off topic: gnu make and VC++



    SSLeay out the box...

    Starnet's X-win32 long start-up

    STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION when running g++

    RE: STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION when running g++ (formerly without subject)

    strncat bug example

    Subclassing the cygwin console window?

    Tape & Floppy

    telnetd (again) and also permissions

    telnetd again

    telnetd revisited

    Templates in gcc / Msvc++ 5

    Tex/LaTex for Win32

    thanks - DLL call works. FAQ for others?

    Thread-safeness in cygwin32


    TkMan with Win32 TCL stuff

    Too Much Mail Volume

    Towards a more user-friendly cygwin.dll

    Trouble installing B18 on W95 -- GCC won't run

    trying to compile coolview-src.tar.gz (03 Nov)

    unsatisfied external

    Updated perl5.004_04 patches available

    Updated software..

    use of NT serial port

    Using gnu win32 compiled libraries with MS Visual C++?

    Using gnu-win32 for an NT CGI Script

    Using resoucre of a DLL

    Using Windows facilities with gnu win32 compiler



    WARNING: Serious Pentium Bug

    Re: WARNING: Serious Pentium Bug --> PentiumPRO seems OK

    We will mail 4 U

    where is more.exe?

    where is ntxlib? (was Re: Possible cause of WaitForMultipleObjects )error message

    RE: which libs to link

    Who is root? (was Re: raw floppy access)

    Why doesn't it compile? HELP with pointers!

    Win 95 console business

    Win 95 Console Stuff...

    Win32 headers from Microsift

    Win32 Online Documentation -- Final Report

    Win32 Online Documentation -- Revisited

    Win32 Online Documentation -- Update

    Win32 Online Documentation?

    Winnie Example ----- Help !

    Re: X progs without X

    X11R6.3 binaries

    XDR Compiler for NT/Unix ?

    XEphem 3.0

    Xephem-3.0 on b18


    Re: Xforms and GNU Win32

    Xmas approaching and no b19 ?

    Re: xstart

    Xterm compiled with cygnus gcc

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