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Re: Debugging help needed

Thank you for your help.  I compiled & linked with -g, but get a message
from gdb saying 'no debugging symbols found' or to that effect.  However,
this is probably something simple I can take care of with a little

> Third :-) There is a debugger in cygwin32, a. k. a. gnu-win32.  It is
> gdb and is the standard GNU debugger.  In cygwin it has a GUI face, but
> same commands.  It is very useful -- particularly in cases like yours --,
> it still demands some finishing touches.  Get acquainted with it through
> "help" command, typed at the user prompt.
> First and second :-) Usually the cygwin products work, even when need
> finishing touches.   So, the first thing to check is your use of
> classes.  My personal experience with it was not very good.  I hope yours
> better. :-)
> Run your program through gdb and it will show the line where it broke. 
Then a 
> command named "where" will display the stack of functions when the
> broke.
> Don't forget to compile and link with the -g flag enabled.

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