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RE: The Big List of Dodgy Apps

On 20 March 2007 18:45, Brian Dessent wrote:

> Dave Korn wrote:
>>> I would think it was possible to have cygcheck do something like
>>> sysinternals' process explorer does to get the DLL list, but to do it
>>> only on itself - essentially asking the question "to which DLLs am I
>>> linked?"  The expected DLLs can be eliminated from all enquiries.  If
>>> the fingerprint of a known offender is detected, it can be reported as
>>> such.  Anything else can be reported as a "potential problem".
>>   This seems a reasonably good idea.  I was thinking at one point of
>> adding it to the cygwin crashdump routines invoked after fork() errors.
> It won't work to check "to which DLLs am I linked", at least not in the
> way of inspecting the PE headers of the file on disk.  The injecting is
> dynamic, through system hook functions, so you have to use the
> DebugHlp/ImageHlp libraries to inspect the process space, IIRC.

  Yes, that's what I meant too; I was skipping over the minor inaccuracy in
Phil's terminology because I'm sure that's what he intended.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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