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Re: typical cygwin email #1

Download it and try to build it under cygwin. It is rather involved and at first
I thought they didn't want it to run under windoze but looking through
code it looks like they just want a maintainer. If your want more
interesting things and actually want to help build somthing, it may be
a match. There are probably more
complicated projects to build, it just happen to be the one I had looked at
most recently.

From: Carlo Florendo <>
Reply-To: The Cygwin-Talk Maiming List <>
To: The Cygwin-Talk Maiming List <>
Subject: Re: typical cygwin email #1
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2007 18:21:41 +0800

Mike Marchywka wrote:

Ugh, top-posting... Reformatted. (tagline courtesy of CKOA)

From: Christopher Faylor <>
Reply-To: The Cygwin-Talk Maiming List <>
Subject: typical cygwin email #1
Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2007 12:32:01 -0400

Subject: pforum

I am building pforum on CygWin and when I type "./configure" it
says "file not found".

I googled for this problem but I was unable to find a solution.

Can anyone help???


> I think pymol is looking for a cygwin maintainer, fwiw :)
> This does come up on google :)

Pymol? What is the relevance of pymol in this discussion?

Carlo Florendo
Softare Engineer/Network Co-Administrator
Astra Philippines Inc.
UP-Ayala Technopark, Diliman 1101, Quezon City

The Astra Group of Companies
5-3-11 Sekido, Tama City
Tokyo 206-0011, Japan

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