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KATE wants to be Cygwin (was: [Bug 78258] Smart EOL jumping with end-key)

( if you're curious)
Leo Savernik wrote:
I agree with both of you and can back it with a real-life use-case: Whenever I use kate for text editing (i. e. not programming -- yes, sometimes I really write plain text! :-) ), I'll sometimes interrupt the flow of writing to fix a mistake and then return to the end of line to continue writing.

I. e. (quotes denote limits of line, | the position of the caret)

"done. yet the result still deviates excessively |"

Now I notice the missing capital "Y" and thus press Home and Ctrl+-> twice, then correct it, leaving us with

"done. Y|et the result still deviates excessively "

then I press End

"done. Yet the result still deviates excessively| "

and implying common precedence of text editors, i. e. having actually expected this:

"done. Yet the result still deviates excessively |"

I immediately continue writing

"done. Yet the result still deviates excessivelyfrom the theoretical optimum.| "

See the problem? This has happened to me just today *many times*. To a lesser extent, this may also hit you when coding, for example parameter lists:
" void foo(int a, |"

To use usability newspeak: Kate's current behaviour doesn't obey the principle of least surprise.


(Sorry, I thought it was funny...)

"We're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad... You must be, or you wouldn't have come here." -- The Cheshire Cat

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