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Re: Rsync over ssh (pulling from Cygwin to Linux) stalls..

Dave Korn wrote:
On 14 August 2006 17:04, mwoehlke wrote:

  It's time we took this discussion to the licensing list, so if anyone wants
to carry it on please take note of the "Reply-To" header that I have set.
[ ... rest of message safely ignored - TITTLL! ... ]

Ack, gmane doesn't carry that. For now, at least, I'm taking your other suggestion and TITTTLing. Besides which I think my comment is more -talk than -licensing :-).

Darryl Miles wrote:
I do have questions, they may seem daft, but this issue is legal thing
so the finer points are important:
I'd be happy to put the bugfixes for this particular problem in the
public domain, thus confirming my original legal entitlement to
copyright and waivering that right.  Which would may waiver anyone elses
future rights to copyright as well.  This would seem a compatible
solution which would allow contributions without needing to enter into a
copyright assignment agreement.  Since my name wont be listed anywhere
on the published work (since as I read the agreement it would be
replaced by RedHats anyway) I might as well make the contribution public
My understanding is that if you place it in Public Domain, then anyone
can do anything with it and no one can stop this. IOW RedHat would be
safe because no one can prevent them from using Public Domain material
in any manner or fashion.

That's not what "safe" means. If the program is in the public domain, rather than RH having the copyright assigned to them, then anyone could take it, make a proprietary version and distribute it without the sources, and RH would not be in a legal position to enforce the GPL on it because they would not be the copyright holder.

And the problem with this would be what, exactly? "Safe" in that no one can take legal action against RH because of their use of it.

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