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Re: [ITP] znc 1.6.0

Hi Alexey,

On Jul 19 09:24, Alexey Sokolov wrote:
> For some reason the mailing list swallows my messages, so I'm trying to
> remove cyrillic letters for "wrote"...
> 19.07.2015 00:07, Alexey Sokolov :
> > 18.07.2015 22:05, Alexey Sokolov :
> >> I've put files in the required directory structure to
> >>

Packaging looks good, except...

I think libznc.dll should be called libzncX.dll or cygzncX.dll, with X
being a version number.  If there will ever be backward-incompatible
changes in the DLL, the version number should be bumped.  Also, is there
a native Windows version of ZNC?  If so, the name libznc.dll runs danger
of DLL collision.

> >> 18.07.2015 16:47, Alexey Sokolov :
> >>> Hi!
> >>>
> >>> I want to package ZNC.
> >>> Package in distros:
> >>>
> >>>
> >>>
> >>>
> >>>
> >>> Also I have several questions:
> >>> 1) cygport chose to make znc-python to depend on both python and
> >>> python3, though I want it to depend only on python3. Is there some way
> >>> to force not to depend on python?
> > The answer to this is "inherit python3" (thanks jturney)
> >
> >
> >>> 2) I can setup CI, so that on every push to git master new package is
> >>> pushed, marked as "test". Is it a good idea or not?

I would only do that for selected new versions, not for every push.

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