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Re: UTF32 crash in poco-1.6.0 - Request for help

On 25/02/15 23:07, Achim Gratz wrote:
David Stacey writes:
I'm still trying to get to the bottom of this. The UTF16 test (the one
that works) uses std::wstring, but the UTF32 test (the one that
crashes) uses a custom string made with a 32-bit integer and
corresponding traits class. If the UTF16 test is switched from using
std::wstring to a similar custom string type then this also crashes.

It would be easy to blame the custom string types, except that I can
isolate the code in a stand-alone example that works fine. Plus, I've
compiled Poco on Fedora 21 with the two custom string types, and again
everything works fine.

I tried compiling with all optimisation turned off, and now the code
still crashes, just more slowly:-)  I was hoping that I might get
something more sensible out of gdb with -O0, but alas no. The next
step is to produce a static build (again with all optimisation
disabled) and then cut bits out of it until I come up with a minimal
programme that exhibits the bug.
Is that code trying to switch encoding in any way?  There's a bug in
Perl (only 64bit) that throws a SEGV when doing thatâ

Thanks for your reply. I'll keep that in mind, but the crash I'm seeing occurs on both architectures.


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