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Re: perl-5.18.2-1

On 5/2/2014 4:21 AM, Achim Gratz wrote:
Reini Urban writes:
It's vastly easier to keep perl_vendor than to split it up.

I've been looking at the test package for the upcoming 5.18.2 release
announced in
and I'd like to contest that assertion again.

TL;DR: I still propose to keep each Perl distribution as a separate
package (yes, I'm willing to ITP them)


and move perl_vendor to an
umbrella package that simply bundles those individual packages plus
perhaps a README.

I'm not even sure that such an umbrella is needed. Maintainers of packages that rely on Perl modules can simply use cygport to determine which perl-* packages are required. I don't see the need for a perl_vendor package that brings in some arbitrarily chosen collection of Perl modules.

Reini, I know you think it's more work to split up perl_vendor than to keep it as is, but Achim has offered to do the work. And it would make things much easier for those of us who maintain packages that require Perl modules. With the current bundling, we have to check for each required module whether or not it's included in perl_vendor. I just did this for biber, and it's very tedious. I hope you'll reconsider.


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