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Re: Counter-ITP of doxygen (was: Re: Please upload: doxygen-1.4.2_20050410-1 (n'th take))

Max Bowsher wrote:
Having got the superficial naming problems out of the way, I took a
closer look at the source packaging.

There were many issues - the most serious being that the source
package did not even contain the Cygwin specific readme at all - and

hear - hear (you didn't look, did you?)!

many minor deficiencies related to using a home-grown build script,
rather than the tried-and-true cygwin template.

typical NIH syndrom!

I am sorry, but the conclusion I came to was that it would be less
effort for me to produce my own packages of doxygen, based on the the
generic-build-script, than to assist in getting these packages up to a
good-to-go status.

You're so full of it! But, honestly, I saw this coming! I'd say - why don't you just shove it!

And seriously, I really can't remember why I even thought it would be a good thing to offer my services to maintain anything for the cygwin crowd!
That memory has gotten somewhat hazy!
Bye now!


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