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Re: new package: Joe's Own Editor

Hi Joe,

On Apr 17 16:12, Joe Allen wrote:
> I've modified JOE to be Cygwin compliant (it used to be called
> joe-3.3, now it's called joe-3.3-1), and I've created a
> script to make a Cygwin release of JOE whenever there is new
> main release of JOE.

Cool!  I'm not sure I understand you correctly, but it sounds you changed
the version number of joe to take over the Cygwin scheme.  That wasn't
necessary since the -1 is just the Cygwin subversion, for example, if you
changed the layout of the Cygwin tar archive for some reason.  If I just
got you wrong, scratch my comment :-)

> One thing I'm not sure about: I've listed "aspell" as a
> requirement.  This is not really true- the editor will run
> without it, but I find it annoying when the speller is not
> there, so it's kind of a soft requirement.

It's kinda your choice as the maintainer of the package and the usual
result of including also optional dependencies is that you will get
less questions on the Cygwin list in the style of "JOE work but speeling
work not, help how?"

> Here are the files:
> Here is the setup.hint:
> category: Editors
> requires: cygwin aspell
> sdesc: "Joe's Own Editor - world-famous Wordstar-like text editor"
> ldesc: "Joe's Own Editor - world-famous Wordstar-like text editor
> Includes clones of several other editors:
>  joe - Main user interface
>  jmacs - Gnu-emacs clone
>  jstar - Wordstar clone
>  jpico - PICO clone
> Editor has syntax highlighting, i18n support and works well
> in Cygwin console."

I reviewed the packaging and it looks pretty good to me with just one
exception.  Is it really intended to put the joe specific stuff, namely
the joe subdirectory into /etc?  This looks weird.  I'd prefer if the
joe subdir would be located in /usr/share which seems to be the correct
location following the FHS.


Corinna Vinschen                  Please, send mails regarding Cygwin to
Cygwin Project Co-Leader
Red Hat, Inc.

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