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new package: Joe's Own Editor

I've modified JOE to be Cygwin compliant (it used to be called
joe-3.3, now it's called joe-3.3-1), and I've created a
script to make a Cygwin release of JOE whenever there is new
main release of JOE.

One thing I'm not sure about: I've listed "aspell" as a
requirement.  This is not really true- the editor will run
without it, but I find it annoying when the speller is not
there, so it's kind of a soft requirement.

Also, it's correct that JOE does not need -ltermcap or -lncurses
(it uses the /etc/termcap file directly).  JOE would normally
get access to the terminfo database through the -ltermcap library.
But something has changed (in just Cygwin as far as I can tell) in
what the emulated tgoto() function supports.  It prints 'OOPS'
on calls to non-cursor positioning functions, like set color.  I will
address this in a future version (I think I have to call tparam or
tparm instead of tgoto).

All operating system features are working in this version, including shell
windows and suspending the editor.

Since this is my first Cygwin release: here is a quick test if
the install went properly- these commands should all work:

man joe   should show the man page
joe       joe mode
jmacs     emacs mode
jstar     wordstar mode
jpico     pico

joe something.c The file should be highlighted.

Within joe: ^K ' create shell window:
                   ^D sends EOF to process
                   ^C sends intr to process

^K z suspend the editor.

ESC n with cursor on a mispelled work: should run aspell.

Here are the files:

Here is the setup.hint:

category: Editors
requires: cygwin aspell
sdesc: "Joe's Own Editor - world-famous Wordstar-like text editor"
ldesc: "Joe's Own Editor - world-famous Wordstar-like text editor
Includes clones of several other editors:
 joe - Main user interface
 jmacs - Gnu-emacs clone
 jstar - Wordstar clone
 jpico - PICO clone
Editor has syntax highlighting, i18n support and works well
in Cygwin console."

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