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Re: maintaining bash

"Hans W. Horn" wrote:

> This mysterious patch of Pierre: is it in that half-a-ton patch file that
> comes with the bash-2.05b-17 sources?
> If yes, hasn't anybody tried to get this patch back into bash mainstream?

No, this is Pierre's patch:

If you run diffstat on the patch file for the -17 package,

$ diffstat bash-2.05b-17.patch 
 bashline.c              |   28             |    6 
 configure               |12040 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++----------------            |    2 
 execute_cmd.c           |   21 
 findcmd.c               |    2 
 general.c               |    9 
 jobs.c                  |  102 
 jobs.h                  |   12 
 lib/readline/bind.c     |    2 
 lib/readline/display.c  |   26 
 lib/readline/mbutil.c   |   14 
 lib/readline/readline.c |    1 
 lib/readline/vi_mode.c  |    7 
 subst.c                 |   43 
 test.c                  |    2 
 16 files changed, 8353 insertions(+), 3964 deletions(-) will see that the vast majority of that is in configure, a generated file. 
That happens when you "autoreconf" a package to get the lastest autotool m4 macros
and recreate all the generated files from *.in and *.am.  When you see a package
with a ginormous patch it's usually because the maintainer did "autoreconf
--install --force --verbose" before packaging.  But, there are some actual patches
mixed in with the autoreconf noise, to be sure.


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