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Re: Bash updates, bashdb, bash_completion, etc.

Ronald Landheer-Cieslak schrieb:
Let me just start by saying that I really think bashdb would be a nice addition to Cygwin. That said, I'll need some convincing to add it to mainline Bash as I don't want to maintain YA out-of-tree patch for Bash if I can help it.

As for Bash-2.05b-17: I've applied Pierre's patch to bash-2.05b-16 and am compiling it now (I've got a coffee break I can use for that).

As for Bash-3: it doesn't currently get through the tests and I do not have the time at the moment to figure out why not. The reason for this is very simple: I don't have a Windows machine at home so all I have for testing is my lunch and coffee breaks. (This same lack of a Windows machine had a rather dramatic impact on the time I had allocated for the Cygwin project a while ago, when I was at home for nearly four consecutive months.. donations are welcome ;)

That explains everything. You'd really need a laptop. I want one also :)

Reini, if you still intend to package bashdb and bash_completion, I'll be happy to work with you to integrate them into the bash package. However, as you have already stated that you don't want to maintain bash and I have already stated that I don't want to maintain bashdb or bash_completion, we'll have to find some solution to this or accept a stalemate. Please feel free to mail me privately about this.


Hi Roland.
Yesterday I've made a new bashdb package which doesn't overwrite any existing bash file, using the suggested /bin/bash-bashdb.exe
Max' argument is convincing.
I'll also try to add a patch to setup.exe which will warn on overwriting foreign files, unless "Replaces:" is given. For the future, to be safe.

But I need some time to finish testing and suitability with this new setup. It was so comfortable for me with the replaced bash.exe.
I'll ITP that then under the name "bashdb".

Integration: Well, you can take my package and check it. It should work well.
debugger has a seperate, which should go away.
Reason: Before they began to integrate it into bash it was a seperate package, and before that it was the ksh debugger.

make check still is very problematic.
The debugger testsuite runs through, but only after heavy manual preparation.
The bash testsuite is also kinda broken for cygwin, but so far only one test hangs.
(using 2.05b-16 with pierre's latest pid patch)

autoreconf for bash-2.05b doesn't work, they put the local macros into aclocal.m4 and not into acinclude.m4, not time yet to clean all that up. bash-3 should be better.

bash_completion will need another tiny patch to detect the bashdb-rebash version/relstatus correctly.
works locally for me now, but I will wait until the seperate bashdb is stable enough.

PS: I've subscribed this (hotmail) address to cygwin-apps as I don't have E-mail at home either and the Gmane equivalent of this list doesn't allow posting. There's no need to copy to ronald@... or to this address..
Reini Urban

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