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Re: [ITP] email-2.3.0 (review)

Christopher Faylor wrote:

> I tried this out and noticed three things.
> 1) Should SMTP_AUTH be set in /etc/email/email.conf?  I don't think it
>    is standard to use authentication for sending email.  Shouldn't it
>    be commented out?

Yes, it should.

> 2) The binary tar ball contains an empty usr/share/doc/Cygwin.  Is there
>    supposed to be something in this directory?  It obviously doesn't hurt
>    anything to have this as an empty directory but I was just wondering
>    if there was supposed to be something there.

There is supposed to be a email-2.3.0.README in there. It's in the patch, so I'll have to see why it's not making it in the binary

> 3) Should there really be a 'set -x' in the file?  I
>    don't use this type of thing very often but it doesn't seem like
>    it provides any useful info to have it there.

Yes, that should have been removed.

I will fix all of these tonight, and post a 2.3.0-2.  Thanks for the feedback and the +1 vote.

BTW, I installed nail last night and spent at least two hours trying to get it to work. I encountered several problems, the largest
being I couldn't pass options on the command line.  Lots of features, but weak on documentation for the non-illumined.


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